This week’s Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris rewards are flawless loot.


Flawless loot is this week’s Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris reward.

The first Trials of Osiris event for 2022 has begun in Destiny 2, with the most up-to-date Adept weapons and rewards now available.

The latest Osiris Trials have begun, and Guardians are vying for the best loot.

The main goal is to score as many victories as possible to unlock the Flawless Adept weapon on offer, which pits fireteams against one another.

There are no special rules in place for this week’s activities, so there won’t be any matchmaking or scoring adjustments to consider.

Guardians will be battling it out on The Burnout map this weekend as the Trials continue, with the top prize being the Eye of Sol Adept Sniper Rifle.

After 5 p.m. GMT, the official Osiris rewards were revealed, and Guardians were left to do the legwork because Bungie rarely gives hints ahead of time.

The Adept Flawless loot is now available in Trials, thanks to a new seven-win challenge that will be available from Saint-14.

Trials passages are now account scoped, and reputation gain per match is now scaled by the number of round wins on a ticket.

Bungie has confirmed that the round time has been reduced to 90 seconds, with each round beginning with new special ammo.

To participate, Cross-Play must be enabled, which also necessitates the purchase of the current annual expansion.

Below is the complete list of Trials rewards, which includes the following unlockable weapons and armour:

Destiny 2 will see more big news and updates in 2022, with the Witch Queen expansion set to release in February.

When the Witch Queen arrives, some new activities will be added to the game alongside Trials of Osiris:

Conflict Eternal is a new six-player matchmaking activity set in the throne world’s ongoing struggle.

The equilibrium must be preserved.

A sunken Pyramid lies among the swamps of Savathûn’s Throne World.

Venture inward with your fireteam to confront the ancient danger that has been imprisoned within.


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