‘This summer is for the brave and desperate,’ says Simon Calder, who warns that Britons are in for a ‘dreadful’ period.


‘This summer is for the brave and desperate,’ says Simon Calder, who warns that Britons are in for a ‘dreadful’ period.

This summer, according to SIMON CALDER, is for “bold and desperate” British travelers. Holidaymakers are having a “terrible” time, according to the travel expert, because of the uncertainty and confusion surrounding travel to certain European nations.

Simon Calder is a travel journalist and specialist who appears on Good Morning Britain on a regular basis to cover the government’s most recent travel announcements. He spoke on the most recent changes in travel rules to Malta and other European countries this morning.

Malta has stated that it will change its travel regulations to allow Britons who have received the AstraZeneca vaccine, regardless of where it was created, to visit the country.

After Transport Secretary Grant Shapps slammed the Maltese government for refusing Britons who had been vaccinated with jabs made by the India-based Serum Institute, the Maltese government altered its guidelines.

Malta did not want passengers who had got the India-made AstraZeneca vaccination to enter the country, even if they were double-jabbed.

According to Mr Shapps, there is “no difference” between the vaccine made in India and other AstraZeneca vaccines made overseas.

The Maltese restrictions on this, however, have now changed.

However, Simon Calder, appearing on Good Morning Britain (GMB) this morning, said that the issue demonstrates how “complicated” it is for Britons to travel abroad right now.

“Malta remains on the Government’s green list for the time being,” he stated.

“However, it only goes to show the huge level of intricacy that almost any foreign journey entails.

“There’s a lot of uncertainty.

“It appears that this summer is only for the brave and desperate.”

Mr Calder told GMB’s Richard Madeley and Susanna Reid: “The green list, amber list, green watchlist, and red list are all just a UK coming back in issue.”

“The other side of the equation, as you say, Richard, is whether or not the destination will let me in.”

“Right now, it varies a lot.

“Countries in southern Europe, in particular, are saying yes, we will let you in.”

“I simply don’t know about France – I’m hoping to go this weekend, but I’m not going to arrange anything till tomorrow because you never know what can happen.

“Everything has become really transient.”

“My prediction is that if we see a leveling off in the UK and a settling down, we might see.”Brinkwire Summary News,” Mr Calder concluded.


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