This summer, a Lord of the Rings fan vows to finish his £2k ‘hobbit hole’ workshop.


This summer, a Lord of the Rings fan vows to finish his £2k ‘hobbit hole’ workshop.

Ali Hughson’s amazing ‘Hobbit hole’ workshop sent Lord of the Rings fans wild, but despite the amazing pictures so far, he claims it won’t be finished until the summer.

A Lord of the Rings-obsessed woodshop artist has spent thousands of dollars transforming an old shed in his backyard into a ‘Hobbit hole,’ and he claims he’ll finish it by 2022.

Ali Hughson, 48, has been a fan of JRR Tolkien since his father read him the books as a child, and he has proudly continued the tradition by watching the trilogy with his own children.

Last year, however, the IKEA employee decided to take his fandom to the next level, spending £2,000 to turn a rundown shed in his garden into the ideal Hobbit Hole for creating wood-burning art in his spare time.

Ali, a grandfather of one, spent six months building the two-metre-tall shed, which includes the iconic round green door from the Peter Jackson films, because he wanted to make something “unique and special.”

Despite having realized his childhood dream of having his own LOTR hideaway, Ali told the Brinkwire that the work is still incomplete.

“I’m hoping to finish the inside soon, and maybe I’ll get out there in the summer to turf the roof and plant flowers,” said the part-time artist of The Woodart Workshop.

“It’s been a great place for me to use some of my tools.”

I make wood furniture and burn pictures into it, so a lot of my art is based on woodwork.

“I’ve always wanted my own Hobbit hole,” says the narrator.

I adore the trilogy, as well as the fantasy genre in general.

“My old shed was falling apart, so I decided to make something different.”

The father of two previously told the press that his creation wowed his sons Joe, 23, and Jamie, 13.

He told the Brinkwire that he recently watched a movie marathon with his son in which he revisited J R R Tolkien’s fictional Middle-earth, Mordor.

However, the South Queensferry resident recently wowed fans in a Facebook group called ‘Home for Peculiar’ artists by showing peers ‘where I create my art.’

“Everything about this post made me smile,” one fan said.

“Absolutely amazing,” added another.

There are studios where you can create, and then there’s your Hobbit Hole.

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