This star of the “The Office” applied for the role of Jennifer Garner in “Alias” but was turned down for not being “hot enough”


It’s hard to imagine someone other than Jennifer Garner playing the part of Sydney Bristow in Alias, but during the Alias audition, a star from The Office said she “got really far” In the end, even though she was praised for her acting ability, she was beaten out by Garner.

“Reportedly, the “Alias” role was written for Jennifer Garner

Alias maker J.J.

After working with her on her guest role in Felicity, Abrams reportedly wrote the role of Sydney with Garner in mind.

In a 2002 interview with USA Today, Abrams said, “There was something about her that I thought was very special,” “I always thought there was something in her personality that was funnier and sexier and smarter and more mischievous than anything I’d ever seen from her before.”

“And when I wrote Sydney, I wanted to show that,” he said.

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The role of ‘Alias’ was considered by Jenna Fischer from ‘The Office’

Jenna Fischer shared a tale about auditioning for “Alias,” mentioning that she got far in the audition process, while Garner was at the top of Abrams’ list. She was told she wasn’t quite right for the role, however.

Fischer remembered how she auditioned for the role of Sydney Bristow on Alias during the Sept. 2, 2020 episode of the Office Ladies podcast, and got some irritating feedback.

“Benjamin Franklin”Benjamin Franklin. “Have you ever seen a stripper before?”Have you ever seen a stripper before?”Of course, I have. Jennifer Garner in Alias.”Of course I have. In Alias, Jennifer Garner.

That prompted Fischer from the audition to share her story. “You know, I auditioned for the role of Sidney Bristow in Alias and I got really far,” she said.

Kinsey asked, “Are you joking?” and asked, “Could you have done all this?” ‘A very athletic position, it was. I’m not saying that you’re not the most athletic guy.

Fischer wondered just what Kinsey was trying to say to her, to which her former co-star in the “Office” said, “She had to do all kinds of kicking, throwing herself over things…”

Fischer said she would make the subtle diss slide of Kinsey and then went on to share the specifics of how she delivered an impressive audition, but ultimately didn’t have the right look.

So I went in and read the part and the scene for which I had to audition was this genuinely emotional, dramatic scene where I cried…. “I’m thinking about my mom,” Fischer said. “And it was really intense.

And my agent’s feedback was like, ‘Jenna blew us off.’ We totally loved it. The scene was, she was just doing a wonderful job. We’re going to turn her down because we don’t think she’s hot enough, unfortunately.”

“That was my feedback,” added Fischer.

Fischer almost quit acting

Over the years before she joined “The Office.” Fischer had several audition fails. On the Sept. 23, 2020 episode of “Office Ladies” she told how “after seven years of failure,” she called her bosses to leave and instead become a veterinary assistant.

Fischer was convinced to work through the rejections, and that’s how she got the job in The Office.

The rejection experience of Fischer helped her interact with the character Pam. “I put a lot of those struggling years into my Pam portrayal,” she explained. “I sat at a reception literally and dreamed of being an artist.” That’s what I’ve done. I’ve been doing it for seven years, so I had a deep, deep desire for Pam.


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