This July, take care of your pond with these five critical duties.


This July, take care of your pond with these five critical duties.

PONDS may add beauty to any yard, but what should you do this month to ensure they continue to thrive into the fall?

Ponds of all sizes require a little extra attention to avoid becoming a muddy mess. To keep your pond and the plant life healthy throughout the year, regular care is required. Here are five tasks that you will need to complete in July.

Here’s an useful checklist of things to do this July to keep your pond in good shape.

It’s sometimes better to treat your pond like a plant, and any withering foliage must be removed.

This is necessary to maintain plant health and prevent your pond from becoming overrun.

Tender plants should be placed in trays of thick dirt or damp sand, or even a pail of water.

They will not be able to withstand the cooler months of Autumn and Winter outside.

Keep these plant buckets in a frost-free environment, such as your conservatory or greenhouse.

Store these plants indoors until the threat of frost has gone. Sheds can also be utilized, but make sure they are properly lit because these plants like full sunlight.

You should eliminate debris from your pond on a regular basis. In July, it is especially important to clean up your mind in preparation for Autumn, as you will have a lot more debris to deal with as the leaves begin to fall.

This month, get rid of any weeds and surplus oxygenating plants.

Pumps, fountains, and lighting systems may be damaged by frosts throughout the winter.

While you can leave them up during the summer, you’ll need to take them down once the winter season arrives.

This should be completed by September at the latest; remember to clean and store them in a dry area throughout the winter so they may be used again next spring.

As Autumn approaches, you should install netting over tiny ponds to keep the Autumn leaves out.

A pond with too many leaves may hinder water plants from getting enough sunlight.

Trying to shovel fallen leaves out of your pond can be a nuisance, so place netting across your pond early in the season to prepare for the Autumn fall.

When removing water plants from ponds, it’s important to remember to leave them on the pond’s side. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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