‘This isn’t my job!’ Tom Heap of Countryfile discusses the BBC show’s story balance.


‘This isn’t my job!’ Tom Heap of Countryfile discusses the BBC show’s story balance.

TOM HEAP has spoken out about how he and his colleagues on Countryfile try to create balance.

This week, Tom Heap will be back on Countryfile as the gang travels to Yorkshire. The broadcaster previously discussed how he manages to strike a balance on the show between feel-good and serious themes in an interview with This website.

Tom has previously been referred to as the “Grim Heaper” on Countryfile.

This is because, since joining the show, the rural affairs host has been frequently charged with delivering hard-hitting tales.

While the majority of people find Tom’s investigative reporting technique to be interesting, some people have criticized the negative pieces.

Tom previously revealed how they achieve balance on the BBC show during an exclusive interview with This website.

“The balance aspect of it isn’t really my job,” he explained.

“Balance would be more for the program’s editors to think about while they’re putting it together.

“From my perspective, I’d like to convey the narrative as it is.

“We typically have the structure of problem, solution, within a story.

“As a result, you might spend the first two-thirds of the story laying out a specific argument or the crises surrounding a certain grievance.

“And then, as a final conclusion, perhaps taking a step back.”

When it comes to presenting, Tom continues to demonstrate how this technique works best for him.

“I find that pretty appealing,” he continued.

“I readily adhere to that idea because I believe that journalism that does not provide the audience with some form of path through it can be a turnoff for them.

“And it isn’t always correct because on any topic, someone, somewhere is typically working on a solution or views it differently or something, so I believe it’s necessary to do that.”

Anita Rani and Tom will travel to Yorkshire’s Flamborough Head in this week’s episode.

Anita will be visiting England’s largest onshore seabird colony when she is here.

Tom will be exploring the chalk caverns along the shore.

Tom also started a podcast series called 39 Ways to Save the Planet earlier this year.

The series, which is available in video and audio formats on BBC Sounds, looked at what is being done to prevent climate change.

Among the topics discussed were how trees may be taken down without affecting the environment and how British agriculture might adapt to reduce carbon emissions.


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