‘This is the best tool I’ve ever used!’ Fans of Mrs Hinch reveal a 99p technique for getting rid of “horror” hair from carpets.


‘This is the best tool I’ve ever used!’ Fans of Mrs Hinch reveal a 99p technique for getting rid of “horror” hair from carpets.

A 99p trick for eliminating “nightmare” hair from carpets has been shared by cleaning experts. The hack has been dubbed the “greatest tool ever” by Mrs Hinch admirers, who claim it also works on car seats.

Mrs Hinch, also known as Sophie Hinchliffe, is a cleaning guru who rose to fame after posting her cleaning ideas and recommendations on social media. She has now amassed a staggering 4.1 million Instagram followers and has appeared frequently on television. Her fans have started their own Facebook groups dedicated to cleaning and organizing advice.

A cleaning fanatic posted a photo of a new product she used to remove pet hair from her carpets in one of the groups.

She also uploaded a snapshot of the carpet after the tool was used, as well as a photo of the pile of hair that had been removed.

The snapshot was taken “after vacuuming and then using a lint remover,” according to the user.

The “tool” is a “lint remover,” which is commonly used to remove lint from clothing.

Others replied on the page, claiming to have used the lint remover on their own carpets and successfully removed their “nightmare” pet fur.

“Honestly, you won’t be disappointed!” said one user.

“I have one of them and it’s fantastic with two basset hounds that should be bald,” another cleaning fanatic said.

“I recently received one and it is great, my staircase carpet looks new,” said a third individual.

“I love mine,” wrote a fourth. I have two dogs, and when I’m done, it’ll appear like I have a third!”

Another person commented, “These are great.”

“We acquired a car that was completely covered with dog hair, and it functioned perfectly.”

“I have this and it is the best tool I’ve ever had,” one Mrs Hinch admirer added.

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Other users called the tool “amazing” and “the coolest thing ever.”

The lint remover is available for 99p on eBay.

The lint remover is also available on Amazon for slightly over £1.

Many people wondered if they should vacuum the carpet before or after using the lint remover.

“Depending on the pull of your carpet, you may need to hoover at both ends, since it occasionally takes up/releases loose dirt,” one person said.

“Definitely hoover first,” says the narrator.

Some people wanted to know if the tool was reliable. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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