‘This is my p***y,’ Madonna said as she slid a Polaroid snapshot between her legs in front of a crowd of children.


The documentary was filmed in January 2020 during Madonna’s six-nights at the Coliseu dos Recreios in Lisbon

At 63, showing no signs of slowing down, Madonna is not just the Queen of Pop, but also the queen of controversy. Her latest documentary, ‘Madame X’, spills the beans about the diva’s unabashed life like no other as she admits that she likes men to “f*** me then get out” and brags that she is “known” for self-pleasuring on stage.

The documentary, which was filmed in January 2020 during Madonna’s six-nights at the Coliseu dos Recreios in Lisbon, Portugal, where she also recorded some of her album, was released Friday, October 8, via Paramount+. “Sharing my vision with global audiences has been profoundly meaningful to me,” Madonna previously said of the film in a statement. “The opportunity to bring its message and the incandescent artistry of all involved to an even wider audience comes at a time when music is so deeply needed to remind us of the sacred bond of our shared humanity.”

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But the movie which provides an insight into her life does not only focus on Madonna’s music. It also delves into controversial statements made by her during the ‘Madame X tour’, and which included talking about her own vagina in front of a crowd full of concertgoers where children were present and boasting about being known for her masturbation habits.

‘This is my p***y’

Madonna was seen insulting the audience who had forked out thousands to see her perform during the ‘Madame X’ tour. Fans were unable to take photos inside the venue so the musician could auction snaps from the event in order to raise money for charity. At one point she auctioned off a Polaroid photo she had just taken of herself on stage which she then pushed between her legs to “develop”.

Addressing the crowd, she said: “I see some children in the audience and don’t want to offend anyone but, you know what, this is my p***y. Let me just stick it in the oven and see if it develops faster. I love to irritate people – they hate my eyepatch. This is a weird way to masturbate, I don’t usually do it like this.”

One fan in Lisbon paid $11,500 for a photo of hers. One of the other customers who had paid for one of the Polaroids asked Madonna to sign it. At the time, she snapped back, saying: “Will I sign it? No. F*** off. I. Brinkwire Brief News.


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