‘This is an all-time low! Viewers of BBC Breakfast have expressed their dissatisfaction with the coverage of the European floods.


‘This is an all-time low! Viewers of BBC Breakfast have expressed their dissatisfaction with the coverage of the European floods.

Viewers of BBC BREAKFAST have slammed news journalist Anna Holligan’s portrayal of the devastating European flooding on Saturday morning’s show.

Presenters Charlie Stayt and Naga Munchetty welcomed correspondent Anna Holligan to BBC Breakfast with a somber report on the flooding in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Switzerland. Many viewers, however, have criticized the coverage for failing to focus on the people who have been affected by the disaster.

After sections of Western Europe were inundated by the worst flood in decades, at least 120 people have died and more than 1,000 have gone missing.

Anna Holligan, reporting from Guelle, Netherlands, was nearly knee deep in the catastrophic flooding.

She was standing outside a man’s house as he tried to remove some of the flood water that was “seeping into his house,” but his efforts were “futile” since “there is nowhere for it to go,” as Anna described.

Many people took to Twitter to criticize Anna’s portrayal of the disaster as she showed audiences the ruin of the Dutch community.

“WOW!” wrote one viewer. With the ongoing and devastating news of so much damage being faced by our global neighbors, we are in the midst of a major European catastrophe.

“‘Corespondents’ from @BBCBreakfast are sending us updates about someone losing their fish and worms under their feet. They concluded, “The @BBCNews bar has reached a new low.” (sic)

“Where I’m standing now, this is generally a road,” Anna added in her piece.

“There’s a small fishing lake up here. When I contacted with Cecile, the owner, she said she had no idea where her fish were. She has no idea if they are still alive.”

“There are worms under my feet,” she further stated.

More people rushed to Twitter to express their dissatisfaction with the flood coverage, which they said focused on tiny details of the devastation rather than the broader issue at hand, with one saying, “What is the point of displaying this disaster zone?”

“Rather than some worthless broadcast that instills indifference rather than action, how about finding someone or some manner of assisting?

“Appalling journalism, but that’s to be expected. #BBCBreakfast.”

Anna began the outcry against the BBC’s coverage by saying, “There’s a neighbor here who has had to rescue his goats by hand.”

“This area is now legally classified as a disaster zone, which means these folks can receive government assistance,” she subsequently stated.

“But they are right now.” Brinkwire Summary News”.


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