‘This is a major setback.’ Emily Maitlis of Newsnight bids a tearful farewell to a BBC colleague.


‘This is a major setback.’ Emily Maitlis of Newsnight bids a tearful farewell to a BBC colleague.

EMILY MAITLIS has used social media to say goodbye to one of her BBC colleagues, writing an emotional message.

Emily Maitlis, 50, of the BBC, has written an emotional farewell to a colleague of nearly 15 years on Twitter, calling the relocation a “great loss.” The host’s farewell to BBC News podcasts editor Dino Sofos comes just days after she spoke out in support of Newsnight colleague Adam Cumiskey, who announced his departure after nearly two decades with the organization.

A massive, massive loss

Emily Maitlis is a British actress.

The actress thanked her ex-colleague for everything he taught her while screaming his praises in front of her 430,500 followers.

“This is really a great loss,” she wrote.

“I owe Dino a huge debt of gratitude for everything he’s taught me over the last year.

“Such incredible talent and a lot of fun. Emily concluded her post by saying, “A tremendous huge loss.”

Dino’s statement that he was quitting the broadcaster prompted her to retaliate.

“After fourteen years, I’ve chosen to leave the BBC,” he had written.

“It seems like now is the appropriate time to take on a new challenge.”

After that, the founder of the podcast Brexitcast thanked a colleague for allowing him to join the organization as a reporter in 2007 after gaining work experience.

“It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Along with a vintage photo, he added, “First week at work shot…”

Emily wasn’t the only one who said goodbye to him; Laura Kuenssberg, the BBC’s political correspondent, also said goodbye.

“On tonight’s #newscast, we’ll be commiserating and celebrating whatever comes next for our great pal.

“I’m heartbroken for us, but ecstatic for @dinosofos… “More later,” she wrote.

Emily’s farewell to Dino came just days after she said her goodbyes to a Newsnight colleague.

After 19 years with the BBC, Adam announced his departure.

During his time at the BBC, he worked as a producer on BBC Newsnight, as well as for BBC Radio 5Live and Radio 4.

Adam shared his good news with a series of tweets congratulating his coworkers.

Emily wrote in response to the producer’s statement, “We shall miss this guy terribly.”

“Not simply for his ability to recite Steve Coogan’s whole oeuvre.

“Neither is he known for his fondness for feature-length fishing films from the 1970s.

“But just for the sheer joy of walking into the office and knowing the day will be fun. @cumiskeytime.”



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