‘This is a game-changer!’ Mrs. Hinch fans provide a cleaning tip for oven racks.


‘This is a game-changer!’ Mrs. Hinch fans provide a cleaning tip for oven racks.

A “game-changing” method for cleaning oven racks has been provided by a cleaning fanatic. Some fans of Mrs. Hinch claimed to have “been doing this for years.”

Mrs Hinch, whose real name is Sophie Hinchliffe, is a cleaning influencer who is well-known for her cleaning and tidying advice. Her housekeeping ideas are frequently shared on Instagram, where she has over 4.1 million followers. Mrs. Hinch has also given her advice in a number of publications and on television.

Her followers are so enamored with her advice that they’ve started their own cleaning and tidying social media clubs.

A Facebook member published her “game-changing” oven rack cleaning suggestion in one of the groups.

“Sharing because it’s a game changer!” commented social media user Kay Andrew.

I was tired of oven cleaning chemicals that either didn’t work, burned my skin, damaged my work surfaces, or made me suffocate from the fumes.

“I made a bath with hot water to cover the oven trays, then added roughly a cup of washing powder (I used Ariel bio), and soaked for three to four hours.”

“I dragged them out of the bath and wiped them down with crumpled tin foil.

“It was so simple, there was hardly any cleaning at all.

“I’ve been looking for this hack my entire adult life.”

Kay’s post received over 600 comments from other Mrs Hinch followers who praised the strategy and offered their own suggestions.

“I’ve been using this strategy for a few years,” Facebook user Julie Biggs stated.

“I got the idea from a pro oven cleaner.”

“I’ve been doing this for years, always put a towel in the water beforehand – avoids any marks on the bath,” Ann Rushforth remarked.

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Some cleaning fanatics, on the other hand, had different ideas about how to clean their oven racks.

“Put through a dishwasher program with other objects and the grease whizzes off,” Facebook user Jean Brook said.

“Soda crystals are also bright,” Glenys Pye wrote.

“I have a Lakeland Plastics soaking tray…perfect size for placing all the oven and grill pans in.”

“I put mine in,” Christina Smith volunteered. “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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