This Halloween, sex position is the ultimate treat — and it guarantees significant pleasure.


With Halloween right around the corner, now’s the best time to really treat your partner between the sheets. So if you’re looking for a kinky sex position, you’ve come to the right place

The end of the year is nearing, which means Christmas and New Year is on the horizon.

But what comes before the festive period is, of course, Halloween.

Since it is a spooky season, let’s not forget there’s a trick or treat involved.

So if you want to treat your partner between the sheets, oh, you’ve come to the right place.

Trying a new sex position is all great, but when there’s an occasion, like Halloween in this case, it’s much more fun.

Thanks to the sex masterminds at Cosmopolitan, here’s a saucy technique you can enjoy between the sheets.

It’s called the Trick or Treat – and it promises a lot of pleasure.

To get into the position, start by bending over a bed and having your partner toy with your senses.

They can do this by alternating pleasure and pain.

The Trick or Treat sex position is quite similar to the Doggy, as the partner enters you from behind.

With this move, it gives your lover perfect access to your butt which they can caress – if that’s what you’re in to.

Are you looking for more sex positions? You could try the Collapsed Dogg technique which promises extra stimulation.

According to Hot Octopuss, this is a “fantastic move for vulva owners” as it gives external stimulation.

Since the Doggy sex position is a firm favourite between the sheets, the Collapsed Doggy offers a slightly different take.

As if you’re in a sleeping position, lie on your stomach and elevate your butt with a pillow.

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The man will get up behind and then do the rest.

Alternatively you could try a kinky solo sex position that “delivers amazing orgasms”.

To master the Staycation, simply lay on your back, then raise one knee slightly with the other in the air.

This new slightly raised angle means you can easily target your clitoris with a bullet vibe or introduce a Rampant Rabbit.


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