This Fall, ‘Halloween Kills’ will bring the horror of the ‘Halloween’ franchise to you.


This Fall, ‘Halloween Kills’ will bring the horror of the ‘Halloween’ franchise to you.

Everyone should’ve expected Michael Myers to return to Haddonfield, Illinois, as the longest-running theatrical horror franchise. Halloween Kills, the latest installment in the Halloween franchise, will be released in theaters on October 15, 2021.

However, those who are hesitant of traveling to the movies because of the ongoing pandemic and want to watch at home have one question: Where can I watch Halloween Kills?

Here’s where you can watch Halloween Kills from the comfort of your own home.

Many different streaming services have access to various horror franchises, so knowing which films are available where is crucial. Universal Pictures, Blumhouse, and Miramax announced shared custody of Halloween Kills in September 2021, according to Cinemablend. As a result, the picture will not only be released in cinemas on October 15, but will also be accessible to stream on Peacock on the same day.

HBO Max, which has committed to dual-release their 2021 film slate, which includes Wonder Woman 1984, Space Jam, The Suicide Squad, and Dune, may have invented the same-day release concept.

Only those with Peacock Premium or Peacock Premium Plus memberships would be able to see Halloween Kills, unlike HBO Max, which allowed free access to its films (following the Disney Plus model of Premier Access for recent releases).

Jamie Lee Curtis (@curtisleejamie) shared a post.

Despite expectations that Halloween Kills would be accessible for streaming on HBO Max, Peacock is now the only site to watch the film. We wouldn’t be surprised if movie rights changed hands between streaming services in the future, so we wouldn’t be surprised if Halloween Kills was accessible on more platforms in the future, but for now, it’s only available in theaters or on Peacock.

The Halloween film series has a total of 11 installments. Michael Myers has played the adversary for the majority of the franchise, and he’s grown into one of the scariest figures in modern culture today.

Blumhouse purchased the brand in 2018 and plans to expand it with a new trilogy of films. In 2022, the final installment of this new trilogy, titled Halloween Ends, will be released.

Unfortunately, most, if not all, of the Halloween films are not available to stream on popular services like Netflix, Hulu, or HBO Max. Instead, you may see most of the films in the Brinkwire series on Netflix.


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