‘They’ve damaged everything,’ says the narrator. Couple enraged after TUI ‘forgets’ to inform them that their honeymoon has been canceled.


‘They’ve damaged everything,’ says the narrator. Couple enraged after TUI ‘forgets’ to inform them that their honeymoon has been canceled.

Due to cancelled TUI flights, a British wedding couple was unable to go on their honeymoon. The airline failed to inform the couple of the cancellation, therefore “ruining” their plans.

Daniella and Benjamin Bushell, newlyweds from Nottinghamshire, have been upset when a TUI blunder “ruined their honeymoon.” Because of the mix-up, the couple was unable to go on their planned honeymoon.

On July 10, Daniella and Benjamin, both 25, married.

Their honeymoon was scheduled to begin a few days later, on July 14, in Rhodes, Greece.

When they arrived at East Midlands Airport, however, they were informed that their flight had been canceled.

Tui had cancelled the flight on June 28, but Daniella and Benjamin had not been informed.

The pair had even gone to a local TUI branch in Eastwood to pick up their boarding passes just before their scheduled departure, only to be confronted with a “system issue.”

They were then told to pick up their boarding permits at East Midlands Airport, despite the fact that they had no idea what was in store for them.

This wasn’t the first time the couple’s vacation plans had been canceled.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Daniella and Benjamin decided to move their Greek vacation forward from August 2019 to June 2020.

They’d even arranged their wedding around the holiday, figuring that it would double as their honeymoon.

The pair had planned to marry in May, but due to the holiday, they decided to postpone the ceremony to July.

The newlyweds were naturally frustrated and outraged when they learned that their long-awaited vacation had been postponed yet again.

“When we went into the airport, it was basically empty — no one was there,” Benjamin Bushell told Nottinghamshire Live.

“So we thought, ‘Wow, this is strange.’

“Because TUI was not present, we had to communicate with another airline, and we conveyed the scenario to them.

“They informed us that there were no flights to Greece.

“After that, the woman checked the system and informed us that the flight had been canceled.”

They “didn’t get an email, a call, or anything telling us,” Benjamin added.

“We were expecting anything like a phone call clarifying what amber status meant back in June so we could decide what to do,” he said.

“We were delighted to relocate it.”

“If they had cancelled it and let.” Brinkwire Summary News, Daniella added.


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