‘They’re going to take us for a ride!’ Farage claims that EU bureaucrats make more money than Boris Johnson.


‘They’re going to take us for a ride!’ Farage claims that EU bureaucrats make more money than Boris Johnson.

FORMER Nigel Farage, the Brexit leader, agrees with Christopher Biggins that the EU is taking the UK “for a ride” on Brexit.

Christopher Biggins, an actor, claimed that the EU countries are “taking us for a ride,” which explains why he voted for Brexit. Meanwhile, Nigel Farage, the erstwhile Brexit leader, said that EU officials “make more” than Boris Johnson.

On GB News, Nigel Farage questioned Christopher Biggins, “Dare I ask you?” You don’t have to respond because it could jeopardize your career.

“How did you feel about Brexit?” says the narrator.

“Well, I was for Brexit,” Christopher Biggins responded. I have a number of business friends that have suffered greatly.

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“But they say they have—I wasn’t sure if they had suffered as much as they say they have.

“However, we needed to leave Europe. They were, after all, taking us for a ride.”

“And they’re still taking us for a ride!” he continued. They say, ‘You’ve been a very naughty country by leaving, and now you’ll have to pay much more,’ because a lot of people were just working in the office to make money.’

“Oh, I worked over there for 20 years,” Nigel Farage added.

“In a way, I was one of them, but I witnessed the utter abundance in Brussels, all that was provided—the best careers.

“When I left, there were 10,000 bureaucrats working in Brussels, earning more than the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

“10,000 of them,” he continued. And it was a really comfortable, carefree existence.

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Mr Farage then inquired as to whether Britain might regain its “confidence.”

“Well, I hope so,” Mr Biggins replied, “because I believe we are a pretty confident country.”

“I believe we’ve produced some amazing people, wonderful performers, and a plethora of wonderful things—film actors.”

“I mean, this country is fantastic; it’s a lovely Britain. That is something we must remember.”


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