‘They will show you anything,’ says Phil Spencer, a real estate agent.


‘They will show you anything,’ says Phil Spencer, a real estate agent.

PHIL SPENCER has added to his knowledge of estate agents. Some agents, according to the property expert, have “viewing targets” that may compel them to “display you anything.”

Phil Spencer, a property expert and co-host of Love it or List it, offered some advice in a video for Move iQ. Phil may be seen on Channel 4’s Location Location Location and Love it or List it with fellow property expert Kirstie Allsopp. He does, however, offer advice on Move iQ for all elements of the real estate industry.

In a 2019 video, the Move iQ founder showed how to get the most out of your estate agent.

Some agents have “viewing targets,” which means they’ll “display you anything,” according to Phil.

“Believe it or not, some agencies have watching quotas to meet, so they need to conduct as many viewings as possible,” he explained.

“If they’re on a target-driven system, that means they’ll show you anything and as many properties as possible.

“As a result, it’s up to you to read the sales details and ask lots of questions before going to a showing.

“For example, what are the property’s weak points, which is a fairly clear question for me?

“If you know what the drawbacks are as well as all the advantages, you’ll be less likely to waste time.”

Phil, on the other hand, believes that estate agents are more likely to be “messed around” by the public than to “behave improperly.”

“I believe estate agents are a widely despised breed,” he continued, “when, in my experience, they are screwed around by the public far more than they actively conduct badly themselves.”

The current market is quite busy, which means that agents are likely to have a large number of potential purchasers lined up for a single home.

They’ll almost certainly quiz you to see if you’re “proceedable.”

A “proceedable” buyer has a mortgage in principle, has already sold their home or is a first-time buyer, a cash buyer who does not need to rely on getting money, or someone who has already accepted an offer on their existing home and is selling it to buy their next one.

But what if you have reservations about your estate agent and aren’t sure if you’re receiving the whole story?

Are you looking for a new house or just want to take a look around?

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