‘They aren’t going to grow!’ A gardening expert reveals a salt tip for preventing weed growth between pavement stones.


‘They aren’t going to grow!’ A gardening expert reveals a salt tip for preventing weed growth between pavement stones.

A GARDENING expert has given an inexpensive “salt” technique for preventing weeds from sprouting between concrete slabs. “Most weeds won’t grow when there’s a small amount of salt,” the plant expert stated.

As the weather continues to be warm and damp, you may have seen weeds creeping back into your garden. Weeds that grow in the garden or on hard surfaces might be annual or perennial. Annual weeds will sprout from seed, grow, release seed, then die.

Perennial weeds can live for several years and develop robust root systems, allowing them to come back year after year.

Both sorts of weeds can grow in the cracks between pavement slabs and take up residence in your flowerbeds and borders.

Chris Bonnett, the owner and operator of Gardening Express, has shared a clever salt tip with This website that will help you stop weeds from growing.

The key, according to Chris, who founded Gardening Express in the late 1990s, is to “stay on top of things” before they become a “issue.”

“The ideal thing to do is obtain them as tiny and early as possible before they grow into large plants that are more difficult to manage,” he explained.

“Ideally, before they go to seed and produce more weeds,” says the author.

Weeds can quickly take hold on driveways and other hard surfaces.

While it may be tempting to apply weed killer, the harsh chemicals may have an adverse effect on any nearby vegetation.

Instead, Chris suggested a more natural, low-cost approach that is a “excellent one” for folks who have trouble getting weeds out of asphalt.

“If you have a driveway and you have them between slabs and stuff like that, you can use a steel wire brush and brush them out,” he explained.

“You can even add a pinch of diluted salt to the water.

“That will prevent them from regrowing on your paving.

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“Most weeds won’t grow where there’s a little salt,” says the author.

“That’s a kitchen-sink remedy since salt is cheap to buy and you can mix it in a watering can and spray it on.

“They dry out, and those weeds die, and you can easily brush them away with a wire brush.”

It’s vital to remember that salt kills weeds as well as other plants, so be cautious. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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