These Trending TikTok Halloween Decoration Ideas Will Up Your Spooky Season Game.


Despite it still being summer, it seems as though the first day of September officially commences the beginning of spooky season (or spoopy season if you’re a scaredy-cat). Whether you’re the type to purchase oodles of fake blood and horror movie paraphernalia, or rather the type to break your ankle running to T.J. Maxx for the adorable viral ghost rug, decorating your space for Halloween is a blast, sometimes a competitive blast.

So, if you’re looking to up your game when it comes to Halloween decoration ideas, TikTok creators have got you covered.

From golden skeletons to 12-foot skeletons to cutesy ghost mugs, TikTok offers a plethora of spooky decor inspo, and thankfully said creators filled us in on where they purchased and how they created their spine-chilling decorations.

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For just 40 buckaroos you can prop this golden bad boy up outside your home, on your couch, in the bathtub, anywhere, really. We won’t judge. The rustic golden paint takes it from ninth grade biology teacher vibes to sophisticated-yet-spooky vibes. Yes, please!

A little Halloween decor moment #halloween #halloweendecor #fyp

TikTok user @bbysierraa really killed it with her simple DIY Halloween decor. Simply placing an essential oil diffuser in a ceramic witch’s cauldron, which she purchased at Michaels, along with some stretched cotton balls? Genius. And the mini skulls “preserved” in a Mason jar? It’s the evil scientist energy we’re looking to exude this Halloween.

The Spirit Halloween stores are insane this year!! #foryoupage #fypシ #foru #halloween #spirithalloween #scary #shopping #decor

Yikes, Spirit Halloween came for blood this year, possibly literally. From killer clowns (throwback to 2016’s terrifying clown takeover) to jump-scare scarecrows to a life-size Samhain from 2007’s cult hit Trick ‘r Treat, Spirit Halloween holds the mother-lode of creepy, gory, and horror film-themed decorations and merchandise. Thanks for the warning, TikTok!

First time I enjoyed being ghosted 👻👻 #halloween #target #halloweentok #targethalloween #halloweenhome #targethalloween2021

Alright, this one is just too darn cute to ignore. If you’re not into gory, nasty, or downright frightening decorations, this adorable ghost mug from Target will undoubtedly brighten your morning coffee ritual. It’s definitely serving Casper the Friendly Ghost.

can u tell I’m literally estatic about this $60 mushroom wreath 🍄 #halloweendecor #witch

Calling all cottage core witches, this one’s for you! TikTok user @haleyleddon couldn’t contain her… Brinkwire short summary.


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