These TikTok Crafts Will Keep Your Kids Busy This Thanksgiving.


These TikTok Crafts Will Keep Your Kids Busy This Thanksgiving.

You’ll need something to keep the youngsters entertained between watching the Macy’s Day Parade, cooking way too much food, and filling your face on Thanksgiving. While using the iPad as a babysitter is OK (and we certainly don’t criticize you for it), there’s something to be said for TikTok Thanksgiving crafts.

TikTok is no longer just about terrible dancing challenges and trends. It’s the new Pinterest in some respects. And we’ve put together a list of some of the greatest TikTok Thanksgiving projects for kids of all skill levels.

Using a blow dryer to paint! Please follow for more entertaining ideas! (hashtag)Thanksgivingcraft (hashtag)ProcessartforKids (hashtag)Kidart (hashtag)Thanksgiving (hashtag)Thanksgiving (hashtag)Thanksgiving (hashtag)Thanksgiving (hashtag)Thanksgiving (hashtag)Thanksgiving (hashtag)Thanksgiving (hashtag)Thanks Paint the palm and fingers of your child’s hand in different colors to make a turkey stamp. Cover the paper with a bowl once you’ve done that. Then put paint dots all around it. Splatter the paint dots around the paper using a hair dryer. Remove the bowl to reveal a festive turkey and a memento of how small your children’s hands once were. Just remember not to cry about it in three years.

What is your family’s favorite Thanksgiving tradition? (hashtag)happythanksgiving (hashtag)toddlermom (hashtag)artforkids (hashtag)handprintart This is yet another turkey handcraft, but they’re the best when it comes to small children. Simply acquire some fabric paint and, once again, use your child’s hand as a kind of turkey stamp. For part of the turkey, you’ll also need your child’s foot. Then, on a simple T-shirt, make miniature handprint turkeys. With the addition of some googly eyes, your child now has a Thanksgiving outfit to wear for the day.

Thanksgiving art project for kids that is both cute and simple. (hashtag)HolidayTikTok (hashtag)Thanksgivingcraft (hashtag)Thanksgivingdiy (hashtag)kidsartsandcrafts (hashtag)HolidayTikTok (hashtag)HolidayTikTok (hashtag)HolidayTikTok (hashtag)HolidayTikTok ( Get a coffee filter and let your child use markers to color all over it. Then, when it’s saturated but not soaked, pour water on it. Then, using a clothespin, add some eyes. After the coffee filter has dried, attach the clothespin to create a tie-dye turkey.

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Reminding yourself of what you’re grateful for is an important part of Thanksgiving. This TikTok craft is all about getting your child to think of their own ideas for what they’re thankful for this year. After making a basic construction paper turkey, they… Brinkwire summary


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