These are the most irritating things guests say to me on a daily basis where I work as a hotel receptionist.


These are the most vexing things guests say to me on a daily basis where I work as a hotel receptionist.

A HOTEL employee is revealing the annoyances that guests ask her for on a daily basis – and they always want something for nothing.

Janessa Richard, from Canada, demonstrated how she keeps her cool in the face of seemingly impossible requests.

The 26-year-old took to TikTok to recount an incident in which a customer demanded that her room be price matched… for an advertisement she claimed she saw but couldn’t prove.

Janessa Richard, who goes by the handle @janessarichard, tweeted that when she called one of her customers to the front desk to check in, she said, “Oh gosh, about time.”

Anyway, I’m checking in to a standard king room with this ID.”

“I was just online, and I saw a rate for (dollar)89, and I’m pretty sure we’re paying (dollar)129, so you’re gonna have to match that price if you want to keep us as your guests,” the customer continued.

The hotel employee described how she politely informed the woman that the hotel does price match, but that she needed to show proof of the lower rate.


“Of course, that’s not a problem,” Janessa replied.

If you find a lower rate online, we will gladly match it.

I’ll just need proof of that, so if you have it on your phone, I can look at it.”

The customer abruptly declined, claiming that she no longer had the proof on her phone.

“Well, I don’t have it on my phone anymore, so that won’t work.”

“It was only an hour ago,” the customer said.

“Then all I have to do is go into the system and change it for you guys,” he adds.

“Ok, normally do this,” Janessa said, “but if you give me the website it was on, I can just go in on the computer and look for it.”

Still dissatisfied with this solution, the customer began to yell at the front desk employee, accusing her of being unreasonable.

“Oh, my goodness.

Why do you have to make this so complicated? I’m not sure what website this was on.

“I just need you to match that rate, or we’ll go somewhere else,” the guest stated.

“I’m sorry ma’am, but we can’t do that,” the hotel employee said politely. “We need to see the proof.” If you don’t want your room, that’s fine; we’ll give it to someone else.

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“ASKING if you could price match rather than demanding can go a long way…

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