These are the most irritating things clients say to us on a daily basis as a hairdresser.


These are the most irritating things clients say to us on a daily basis as a hairdresser.

THE MOST ANNOYING THING THAT CLIENTS DO, according to a HAIRDRESSER, is due to social media.

Laci Rae, a hairstylist in the United States, expresses her displeasure with clients who believe they know more than she does.

People believe they have the right to tell hairdressers how to do their job because they have watched hairdressing videos online, Laci said on her TikTok platform.

“Things you’re doing wrong as a client,” she wrote on Instagram, using the handle @laci_loves_hair.

“Telling your hairstylist how to do his or her job.”

This should be self-evident.

“I understand what you think you know because YouTube, TikTok, and people like Brad Mondo educate people,” she explained.

“So you guys might know a lot about the industry nowadays,” he adds.


Laci went on to say that while many clients think they know because they know how to care for their own hair, she has over seven years of experience with all hair types.

“Until you’ve worked on literally hundreds of heads of hair, with different textures, colors, and everything,” Laci said.

“You don’t know what you’re talking about until you’ve done it for several years.”

You only know enough to communicate.

So it’s distracting, insulting, and, to be honest, annoying.

“Just don’t do it,” the hairstylist advised.

Laci also points out that you should only pay a hairdresser if you have complete faith in their judgment.

“Keep looking until you find a stylist who makes you feel at ease and who can just sit in their chair and say, ‘OK, make me pretty,'” she advised.

“You shouldn’t have to tell them what they should do,” he continues.

People have been quick to comment on the TikTok post, which has almost 1k views.

“‘You only know enough to talk,’ hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

This is extremely beneficial.

One person commented, “My hairdresser thanks you.”

“The way you phrased this made it click for me,” said another.

My hairstylist is far too nice to be blunt with me, and I need bluntness sometimes.”

“‘You just know enough to talk,’ hahaha I couldn’t imagine,” a third commented.

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