‘There will be no doses!’ Nurse reveals supply concerns, not young people refusing the Covid vaccine.


‘There will be no doses!’ Nurse reveals supply concerns, not young people refusing the Covid vaccine.

A NURSE who administers vaccinations has described the delivery of Pfizer vaccines as “erratic,” blaming young people for not taking them.

Because of a “erratic” supply of Pfizer vaccines, a nurse who styles herself a “Covid vaccinator” has had to cancel people’s appointments. When young people are criticized for not receiving immunizations, the true issue is a shortage of doses.

“I just work at a little pharmacy, but we’re doing 300 people a day, and young people seem to be fairly interested, but there is a supply problem,” the ‘Covid vaccinator’ told LBC radio host James O’Brien.

“For example, we did roughly 180 persons just admitted to the clinic a few days ago in the clinic. It’s at least 280 on Sunday, but we don’t have enough for Sunday because we didn’t obtain the Pfzier vials we required for Sunday.

“We only have 167 doses available, so we have to call folks to remove them from the waiting list.

“When did this start happening?” the presenter inquired.

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“A few weeks ago,” the nurse replied, “because I know other sites have had this happen to them, but it has never happened to us.”

“Is it because the AstraZeneca isn’t the one they want or they’ve been told they’d be better off avoiding it, so this supply of Pfizer has become double precious or more important?” James O’Brien remarked.

“I wouldn’t agree with it because we’ve been doing Pfizer for a long time—mainly Pfizer,” the nurse responded.

“It’s also inconsistent. It doesn’t appear to make sense. You’d think that would happen as soon as the law was altered to require those under the age of 40 to take Pfizer.

“However, nothing changed, and the supply was fine at the time.”

“The reasons are unknown to us,” she continued. We’re never told what’s going on.”

Following a recommendation from vaccine experts, the government has announced that all 16 and 17-year-olds in the UK would begin receiving a first dose of the Covid vaccine within weeks.

Previously, immunization was only available to those under the age of 18 who had particular medical issues.

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