‘There was a lot of it,’ says the narrator. Gavin Esler of Newsnight on what will be eliminated from MasterChef.


‘There was a lot of it,’ says the narrator. Gavin Esler of Newsnight on what will be eliminated from MasterChef.

GAVIN ESLER has outlined what he believes was deleted from the final version of Celebrity MasterChef 2021 by the BBC.

Gavin Esler, 68, of Newsnight, is competing in Celebrity MasterChef’s last week of heats alongside Kem Cetinay of Love Island and actress Michelle Collins. The writer isn’t known for his culinary prowess, but he’s planning to cook up a storm this week, with perhaps a few too many laughs thrown in for good measure.

Some of the banter will undoubtedly be removed, but there was a lot of it.

Gavin Esler is a writer and a musician.

“I spent half my life working on late-night television, and the last thing you want to do when you come home is watch TV,” Gavin told the Radio Times.

“I’d never seen MasterChef before.”

Gavin was surprised by numerous things during filming because he had never seen the show before.

“I’m sure some of the banter will be cut out, but there was a lot of it,” the broadcaster stated when asked what will comprise the show.

Kem, Paralympian Kadeena Cox, Strictly Come Dancing’s Johannes Radebe, and actress Michelle are among the other contestants.

Gavin was asked what it was like working with TV personalities on the show, despite the fact that he does not watch television.

“It was probably odder for them — I’m sure they had no idea who I was, save from some dude in the corner who doesn’t consume sugar,” he said.

“However, we shared an enemy in Gregg [Wallace] and John [Torode].” We all linked by congratulating or commiserating with one another.”

Gavin is the author of five novels and four nonfiction works in addition to his journalistic positions.

Cooking a meal, according to the presenter, is a pleasant break from the hard job of authoring his books.

Gavin is fortunate in terms of ingredients, as he lives on the Kent shore and cooks with the freshest vegetables available at the markets.

The journalist, who isn’t known for his culinary skills, was blown away by his performance on MasterChef.

Gavin did a lot better than he had planned, and he informed readers that while filming MasterChef, he was never embarrassed by his cuisine.

This cannot be said for the other celebrities who have made a few gaffes in the series thus far.

Gavin hosted BBC Two’s Newsnight from 2003 until 2014, replacing “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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