There is a rat infestation! How to keep ‘bigger’ rats out of your house and out of your toilet bowls.


There is a rat infestation! How to keep ‘bigger’ rats out of your house and out of your toilet bowls.

RATS ‘as big as cats’ have been reported all around the UK, with residents discovering the venomous rodents near their homes – and even creeping up into toilet bowls. But how do you avoid a rat infestation? Rats are ubiquitous in cities around the UK, but recent stories of a ‘plague of huge rats’ teasing city dwellers has prompted rodent specialists to speak out against these daring parasites. Claims that rats have been observed in broad daylight are enough to make anyone nervous, so follow these guidelines to keep your home secure from a large rodent infestation.

Rats are an unappealing and potentially harmful nuisance to have in the house because they transmit bacteria and fleas in their short fur.

With reports of these “monster” rats appearing in cities around the country, one expert has spoken out about the changing nature of these rodent pests.

Andrew Dellbridge of Ace Pest Control told Norwich Live that he has had to hire additional personnel to deal with the sudden influx of massive vermin.

“They used to work around us,” he explained, “but now they’re gaining access that they wouldn’t have tried previously.”

“They’re breaking into people’s homes and places of business.”

Grizzly tales of rats infiltrating homes through the toilet have frightened people into avoiding their own bathrooms.

On one occasion, Andrew described the astonishment of a woman who discovered a rat in her toilet bowl.

After discovering the rodent, the woman who lived in Norwich at the time was said to be in such astonishment that she could not speak.

“She’d been using the restroom and heard a noise,” Andrew told Norwich Live.

“When she looked down, she discovered it in the toilet bowl.”

The cooler temperatures are forcing rats and other home pests like cockroaches into buildings now that autumn has arrived.

Rats have been active later in the season due to the delayed growing season, with vegetation and crops just now beginning to dry up and die back.

According to the pest control specialist, this horrific scenario is becoming more common, as evidenced by the increasing number of reports of these animals entering houses through the toilet.

Since the pandemic-induced lockdowns, there have been warnings that these rats are becoming “larger and braver,” making the problem harder to ignore.

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