‘There are some that are bomb-proof!’ The Rich brothers tend to simple, low-maintenance plants.


‘There are some that are bomb-proof!’ The Rich brothers tend to simple, low-maintenance plants.

The heroes of BBC’s Garden Rescue, Harry and David Rich, utilize their exceptional gardening abilities to alter the outdoor environments of Britons. They told This Website how to keep houseplants alive in the heat and which ones require the least amount of care and water.

Harry and David Rich grew up in Aberhonddu, also known as Brecon, in south Wales. The brothers and landscaping specialists are now based just outside the rural settlement, where they appreciate being near to the Welsh countryside’s beauty and fauna. The brothers, on the other hand, discussed how to be closer to nature no matter where you reside.

Harry and David are enthusiastic about plants and want people to share their enthusiasm.

They explained that you can bring nature within no matter where you reside to brighten up the room and “make your house feel elevated, feel alive.”

“I’m a huge fan of cut flowers,” Harry added.

“I love bringing flowers into my house because it’s about savoring the flower and it’s a good way to integrate seasonality into your space,” says the author.

Buying houseplants is another way to get closer to nature.

The brothers emphasized that there are houseplants for all types of gardeners, including those who may forget to water their plants on occasion.

“Some of them [plants]are bomb-proof,” Harry explained.

“I was away from my flat for a few months, and my housemates only watered my plants once in a while, but they were fine.”

The Swiss cheese plant was one of Harry’s low-maintenance plants. “The original Swiss cheese plant is an absolute solid,” he remarked. It doesn’t need to be in direct sunlight.

“It only requires a little indirect light and will tolerate being watered sparingly.

“There’s also a rubber plant, which requires a little more light but can survive without being watered. You can’t ignore the fact that if you don’t water it, the leaves will eventually fall off.”

Aloe vera is another nice plant to keep because if you touch its leaves or skin and it’s plump, you know it’s “doing well.”

Devil’s Ivy, as well as geraniums, are additional fantastic options, according to Harry, because they “barely need water.”

If your plant appears “a little sad and wilted,” according to David, it.”Brinkwire Summary News.”


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