There are five things you should know about Meghan King, including the infamous trio.


There are five things you should know about Meghan King, including the infamous trio.

Jim Edmonds, Meghan King’s ex-husband, frequently posted photographs and videos of him masturbating with another lady while Meghan was pregnant with the boys.

The star of ‘The Real Housewives of Orange County’ Meghan King made headlines when she announced her engagement to Joe Biden’s nephew, Cuffe Owens, just months after her tumultuous divorce from ex-husband Jim Edmonds. After meeting him on a dating app just weeks ago, the 37-year-old RHOC veteran and mother of three enjoyed a whirlwind affair with Owens. In Owen’s hometown of Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, the couple married in a small garden ceremony. The President and First Lady were present for their surprise wedding. Owens, 42, is Joe Biden’s sister and political adviser Valerie Biden Owens.

King said, “While thinking on her unconventional romance with Cuffe Owens, “The first time we chatted, we talked for five hours straight. Cuffe was booked and packed for a flight to St. Louis that took off in around eight hours by the time the call concluded. We were back on the East Coast in less than a week, meeting his family and beginning to make plans for our future together. For weeks, we didn’t leave each other’s side.” On September 25, 2021, she announced their relationship on Instagram, writing, “Trying my hardest to avoid any cliche introductions like’my main squeeze’… so just meet my guy.” Meghan King has twin sons Hart and Hayes, as well as a daughter Aspen, with her ex-husband Jim Edmonds, who is best known for being a former MLB player. Edmond’s repeated indiscretions and perverted behavior damaged the couple’s marriage, which lasted more than seven years.

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Meghan King’s past marriage is the subject of five shocking facts.

King’s first marriage to Jim Edmonds was marred by suspicions of a shady threesome, which he later expressed regret over. Here are five facts about Meghan King’s past that you should know.

Playboy bunny Kortnie O’Connor, who later started an affair with Edmonds and is currently dating him, was frequently seen in threesomes with King and Edmonds. The intimacy and camaraderie between Edmonds and O’Connor made King feel “betrayed.”

Meghan found out that Edmonds allegedly emailed photographs of his penis to another lady on the same day she gave birth to their twins, which led to their split. Edmonds routinely shared photographs and videos of him masturbating with a woman, eventually identified as Jennifer McFelia Villegas, when she was pregnant with the boys. Edmonds is also accused of having an affair with Meghan. Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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