Theories for Yellowstone season 4 include barrel racers ‘crashing the mood’ in the bunkhouse.


Theories for Yellowstone season 4 include barrel racers ‘crashing the mood’ in the bunkhouse.

Fans of the famous Western drama YELLOWSTONE will be disappointed to see barrel racers Laramie and Mia return in the upcoming fourth season.

The next installment of the critically acclaimed Paramount drama will hit theaters later this year. Meanwhile, a series of pictures from Yellowstone’s official Instagram account have hinted at what’s to come next, including the possible return of season three’s polarizing additions Laramie (played by Hassie Harrison) and Mia (played by Alyssa Milano) (Eden Brolin).

Both of the obnoxious barrel racers appeared in a recent social media post advertising the return of Paramount’s hit Western series, Yellowstone.

In season three, Mia created a lot of the drama when she persuaded ranch worker Jimmy Hurdstrom (Jefferson White) to take up a perilous new pastime in the rodeo.

Meanwhile, Laramie’s surprising relationship with Lloyd, an older bunkhouse tenant, raised some questions (Forrie J Smith).

After a devastating rodeo mishap, Jimmy ended up in the ICU, and fans don’t think he’ll be as lucky the next time he goes back on the horse.

Despite widespread criticism, it appears like the barrel racers will return in the future season to cause even more havoc.

Yellowstone’s social media account is emphasizing the importance of fans remembering Laramie and Mia in the lead-up to the impending debut.

The show’s Instagram page just shared several major sequences from last year’s third season.

The screenshots were captioned, “Crashing the Bunkhouse vibes,” to tease followers.

Yellowstone (@yellowstone) shared a post.

The series’ social media crew appears to have noticed the outcry over the latest bunkhouse additions among the fandom.

Unfortunately, when the action finally resumes up following last year’s spectacular cliffhangers, Laramie and Mia are more inclined than ever to stir more trouble.

Mia will definitely have a significant role to play as her lover Jimmy struggles with his pledge to John Dutton, despite the fact that the official cast list has yet to be verified (Kevin Costner).

If the foolish rancher goes back to the rodeo against his boss’s desires, the rest of the bunkhouse may turn against Mia when they blame her for Jimmy’s injuries.


Furthermore, Laramie and Lloyd’s flings. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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