‘The Young and the Restless’: For Sharon, viewers want a more thrilling storyline


The Young and the Restless is considered to progress the story by using life-threatening illnesses and tragic deaths.

Fans have seen their favourite characters come and go over the years. Sharon Newman, a fan favorite, has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, and fans are all but pleased with this perspective.

Fans are now seeking a more thrilling plot for Sharon.

The ‘typical romantic lead character’ is not Sharon

The knot will be tied by Rey and Sharon! It’s time to talk now, or keep your peace forever… #YR is new to @CBS and @CBSAllAccess this week. Pic.twitter.com/B2WroTlWIO- Young and Restless (@YandR CBS) December 27, 2020 In 1995, as the love interest of Nicholas Newman, Sharon was introduced to fans. They married Nick and Sharon and gave birth to a son named Noah.

They’ve even got Sharon’s daughter Cassie in detention.

Their marriage was continually struggling with problems, including infidelity on both sides.

Nick cheated on Sharon with Phyllis after Cassie died in an accident, which resulted in the cancellation of their 11-year-old marriage.

Sharon left Genoa City for an unknown city after her marriage to Nick had fallen apart, possibly in order to kill herself. She meets a man called Cameron Kirsten there.

For a while, the two meet and Sharon returns to Genoa City, but does not disclose where she was.

Cameron is coming to town to do business with Newman Enterprise, apparently. Eventually, he stalks Sharon and manipulates her to meet him at a motel.

They get into a physical altercation and Sharon slaps him with a bottle over his head.

Believing him dead, she rides around in the trunk with her body, searching for a place for her body to be disposed of.

Cameron is being nursed back to health, and in connection with Cameron’s disappearance, the police are investigating Sharon.

Cameron then admits to murdering the biological father of Cassie and dumping his body in Sharon’s trunk.

Sharon is cleared of her guilt as he goes to trial.

She then marries Victor, Nick’s father, and takes over the business.

It was revealed, after burning down his ranch, that Sharon was bipolar. Then Sharon married Jack Abbott, whom she subsequently divorced from.

She had an affair with Nick during her marriage to Jack, which culminated in the birth of Faith.

Adam, brother of Nick, then abducted Faith, causing Sharon to assume that she was dead.

Sharon nevertheless wanted to be with him after Faith was saved and Adam’s crimes were exposed.

Fans and critics alike have described the relationship between Adam and Sharon as “very dark.”

They diagnosed Sharon with breast cancer.

‘The Young and the Restless’: Adam ruins the wedding of Sharon and Rey

It was announced in recent episodes of ‘The Young and the Restless’ that Sharon was diagnosed with breast cancer. Before letting her loved ones know, Sharon took the news well and decided to process the data about her diagnosis on her own. She left Adam, though, out of it and that could end up affecting him. Sharon has, amid the disappointment of her family, been Adam’s therapist for some time. She has also helped Adam’s son solve the problems he has been dealing with.

On the other hand, Sharon’s friendship with Rey seems to be going well.

Rey made sure Sharon did not feel isolated at this period after learning of the diagnosis. She was told by Sharon’s doctor that the tumor had spread, which meant she would need surgery to get rid of it.

In order to highlight her condition, the creators of the series evidently slowed down the plot of the breast cancer diagnosis. Sharon is doing a lot better at the moment, and fans can’t wait for her to return to tiptop fitness.

Fans would like to see Sharon’s more thrilling plot,

When Sharon smiles, it’s always a great episode! #YR pic.twitter.com/OsrowO9EX0- Young and Restless (@YandR_CBS) December 15, 2020Although Y&R fans seem to have enjoyed how the series has taken the time to explore Sharon’s illness, a portion of fans would have preferred to see her get a more exciting – and less tragic – storyline. Some of the show’s Twitter fans shared their opinions about the cancer diagnosis, saying they wished the show had used a more thrilling plot arc for Sharon.

Some of the storylines that have been floated include breaking up with Rey, helping her daughter Mariah, or changing careers or jobs. However, the general consensus of most fans seemed to be based on Sharon having a few


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