The X-Files: The true reason why Kumail Nanjiani started doing his podcast on X-Files


The X-Files, the iconic 1990s television series about alien-hunting FBI agents and government conspiracies, was one of the biggest public fans of Kumail Nanjiani. “The X-Files.”The X-Files,”The X-Files?”The X-Files?

After 57 episodes, why did Kumail Nanjiani leave the ‘X-Files’ series?

Nanjiani is a stand-up comedian, actor (known for Silicon Valley by HBO and Lovebirds by Netflix Rom-com) and blogger (known for the Oscar-nominated screenplay The Big Sick, which he co-wrote with his wife about their relationship). He released a podcast in July 2014 about one of his all-time favorite shows, The X-Files.

Nanjiani invited guests to talk about each episode of the popular sci-fi series, aptly dubbed The X-Files Files. “X-Files” superfans, including himself, were some of the guests, but the comedian was also able to hold interviews with some of the former writers and cast members of the series.

In early 2016, however, the podcast ended abruptly.

The last few episodes available on the various podcast sites of The X-Archives Files are from January 16.

The last two “X-Files” episodes covered by Nanjiani were Season 4’s episodes 17 and 18, “Tempus Fugit” and “Max.”

Since season 10, the ‘X-Files’ podcast host has been part of the cast.

Nanjiani starred in an episode of the 2016 “X-Files” reboot, playing an animal control officer named Pasha; the podcast host obviously still has a passion for the game.

The comedian shared pictures of himself on his social media with Duchovny and Anderson, and an interview with Anderson and Duchovny on the set of the series is one of the last few episodes of his podcast.

But why did Nanjiani stop his podcast from being recorded? Although in some early “The Big Sick” episodes, “X-Files” star confirmed that he probably would not talk about episodes that go beyond season 6 of the series, fans probably didn’t expect him to stop in the middle of season 4.

The end of the podcast may have had something to do with the listening to him by the fans themselves, however.

The writer of the “X-Files” who cast Jesse Ventura said the wrestler was very different from what he planned.

Why did Nanjiani never listen to “The X-Files: I Want to Believe” on the podcast, or even Season 5?

On their Gilmore Girls discussion podcast, the hosts of Gilmore Guys spoke about fan culture in 2016. There are also views in fan groups where the passion and fervor runs deep – and sometimes even online threats.

They cited a Birth Movies Death article that focused on the “fan outrage” in Marvel fandom over Steve Rogers: Captain America after the comic book came out. The article claims that social media, for better or worse, provides “instant access to the people who create the stuff we love,”

This causes a “‘customer is always right’ mentality” to take over on the Internet, which contributes to the “entitlement mindset of fans” Writers who do not agree with the fan base, or maybe even podcast hosts, may receive threats or at least seriously nasty messages and comments on Twitter, etc.

Nanjiani posted this Birth Movies Death post on Twitter, according to the Gilmore Guys hosts, writing in the caption that this very idea – so-called fandom – was one of the reasons why he left the X-Files podcast.

The tweet in question we can’t find, maybe it was deleted or fell victim to time.

On the reboot set, Kumail Nanjiani met with leading actors Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny.

However, he went on to explain what happened to the podcast when Nanjiani was a guest on the YouTube series First We Feast in 2019. On the set of “The X-Files – Season 10,” Host Sean Evans revealed an image of Nanjiani with Anderson and Duchovny. “What does Nanjiani think of the old saying ‘never meet your heroes’?” “The first host of We Feast wondered.

He responded, referring directly to Duchovny and Anderson, who played Agents Mulder and Scully, “The heroes I’ve met have all been wonderful,”

Is there streaming of “The X-Files”? Here’s how you can watch the sci-fi TV show.

It’s my all-time favorite show,” Nanjiani told the host on YouTube. “I used to do a podcast about it.

There was a little time in my life where I would make a podcast about it if I liked anything, and then I realized it was bad.

What was so bad about doing the X-Files podcast? It was turning a chore into something he enjoyed.

“Don’t make doing what you love a job,” Nanjiani said.


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