‘The Wilds’: What to Expect in Season 2 Based on the Premiere Season Finale


Amazon’s The Wilds premiered to critical and audience acclaim, exploring the depths of female adolescence via a social experiment survival tale. The show is suspenseful, dramatic, and just twisty-turny enough to keep audiences on their toes. Based on the large viewership numbers and positive reception, it’s likely that The Wilds will be renewed for a second season in early 2021. 

If a second season is on the way, what should viewers expect based on the premiere season finale? What’s next for this diverse group of girls and the mind behind the operation — Gretchen Klein (Rachel Griffiths). Based on the fallout, a few narrative trajectories seem certain. 

[spoiler warning for season 1 of The Wilds]

How will Nora’s ruse play out? 

At the end of season 1, it is revealed that Nora has been working as a double agent. Meaning, she acts on Klein’s behalf, reporting back to experimental headquarters with all concerns and realizations. Yet, her concern for the others is legitimate. Leah discovers this just before Rachel (Nora’s sister) is attached by a shark in the ocean, and presumably dies (yet the possibility of survival remains ever so slightly present).

Presuming Rachel is dead, Nora will now have to face the fact that she is largely at fault for her twin sister’s brutal demise. She was the one who wanted to take her sister on the “retreat.” And, if Leah gets the word out to the other women concerning Nora, Nora will have to deal with their wrath, deservedly so, as she has put lives at stake to “change the world” — specifically its social structuring and the status of women within it.

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Though Griffith manipulated Nora, Nora is still at fault. Much of the second season will likely follow Nora, as she walks a balance beam between redeveloping camaraderie among the other women and remaining committed to her experimental purpose. 

The Twilight of Adam will receive further exploration in ‘The Wilds’ season 2

The show easily could have been called The Dawn of Eve— labeled after the experiment itself. Yet, instead, it’s called The Wilds, opening a door to the other wilderness control experiment featuring a group of young men. It’s likely that viewers will get to see how the males have handled their situation — how have they determined leaders? How have they compiled their resources? How have they survived?

Do the men have a Leah character— one who seems to have figured out the secret? Will the male pawns and female pawns cross paths? The show seems destined to follow the men, further highlighting their purpose to the experiment, and thereby the series overall. Will the two groups wind up in the same place after the experiment? Will they team up to break free? 


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