The wife of Gene Kelly said he “never wanted to be a dancer”


Gene Kelly was renowned for his ability to dance.

One of the great stars of the Golden Age of movie musicals was the late actor. In such classics as “An American in Paris” and “Singin’ in the Rain.” he choreographed, directed and starred.

But he didn’t want to be famous for being a dancer, according to his wife.

The choreographer and co-director of “Singin’ in the Rain.” was Gene Kelly.

Two of the best works by Kelly are An American in Paris (1951) and Singin ‘in the Rain (1952). After the award-winning An American in Paris, Singin ‘in the Rain was Kelly’s first film. In order to get it right, he felt a lot of pressure, particularly because he had committed to co-directing the film with Stanley Donen.

The late Debbie Reynolds, who starred in the movie musical alongside Kelly, said Kelly and Donen divided the directing duties in an interview with Turner Classic Movies (TCM).

The cast and crew were directed by the “Summer Stock” star, while Donen directed the camera and crew.

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For more than just his dancing, Gene Kelly wanted to be remembered for

A clip of Kelly’s third wife, Patricia Ward, was featured in the same interview. She said in the clip that directing his projects creatively was Kelly’s true passion.

She said, “Gene is often known as kind of a triple threat, that he could sing, dance and act, even though he never really wanted to be a performer,” “So he didn’t want to be a dancer for sure. Acting was really secondary to Gene. All he really wanted to do was make.

And he didn’t even care about being in front of the camera. I guess that was the case with a lot of people, but that wasn’t it.

“His interest was really in creating the dance and a specific interest in changing the look of the dance in the film,” she added.

And I think if you were to ask him how he wanted to be remembered, it wouldn’t be for a specific role in the movie, but really for doing that, for changing the dance’s appearance in the movie.

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Debbie Reynolds did not think that her legacy was inherently determined by any of her positions.

As for Reynolds, in her lifetime, the actress appeared in over 30 films, but she was not characterized by any single role. Two of her most famous films were Singin ‘in the Rain and The Unsinkable Molly Brown (for which she won an Oscar nomination). Her daughter, the late Carrie Fisher, had an experience that was very different.

Her role as Princess Leia in Star Wars established Fisher’s career. Reynolds said the intergalactic franchise also became a virtual trademark for her in a 2011 interview.

‘I’m Princess Leia’s grandma,’ she told The Daily Beast.

Singin ‘in the Rain, which is a hell of a legacy for an actor, is considered one of the greatest movie musicals of all time.


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