The widow’s shock at discovering her husband’s body being dissected in front of a paying audience was palpable.


The widow’s shock at discovering her husband’s body being dissected in front of a paying audience was palpable.

An elderly widow was left distraught after learning that her husband’s body had been used in a “formal autopsy” on stage in front of tens of paying spectators in a ticketed event.

An elderly widow claimed she never agreed to her husband’s body being dissected in a ticketed event where spectators paid at least $100 (£75) to see his remains undergo a “formal autopsy.”

“What happened to my husband is horrible,” a shocked Elsie Saunders said of her late husband.

COVID-19 complications claimed the life of David Saunders, who died in late August at the age of 98.

Despite agreeing to donate her husband’s body for research, the disgusted woman claims she had no idea it would involve a spectator event with paying customers paying over $500 to see her husband dissected.

“I had no idea he was going to be displayed like a performing bear or something,” Saunders explained.

“I only agreed to donate my body for scientific research.”

That was my husband’s preference.

I’m irritated to say the least.”

According to 7 News, Saunders, a 92-year-old from Louisiana, last saw her husband when he died in a hospital and his body was taken to a funeral home.

On Wednesday, an NBC request for comment was reportedly turned down by a representative of the funeral home.

According to company manager Obteen Nassiri, the body was then obtained by a company called Med Ed Labs.

On its website, Med Ed Labs says it collaborates with medical device companies on medical and surgical research, education, and training.

According to Nassiri, Saunders’ family refused to allow his company to obtain the body and use it for medical purposes.

And, according to Nassiri, that’s what the company thought it was doing when it sold Saunders’ body to another firm.

According to NBC affiliate KING in Seattle, Death Science was the promoter of a show in Portland that used Saunders’ body in an event as part of its Oddities and Curiosities Expo.

Members of the paying audience sat just inches away from the autopsy table in the ballroom of a Portland Marriott hotel.

“We were completely unaware of the Curiosity Expo,” said Nassiri.

“I would never be a part of anything like that.”

However, a Death Science representative claimed that Med Ed Labs and Nassiri collaborated on the Portland event last month.

“There was a place called Med Ed Labs.

The news is summarized on Brinkwire.


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