The Waltons ‘: Two major actors have always been mooning co-stars


It is hard to imagine that since “The Waltons” first aired, almost five decades have passed, but it’s really been that long.

The famous show was an American television drama series that revolved around a family living near the Blue Ridge Mountains in a rural Virginia town as they worked their way through the tough times of the financial crisis and the Second World War.

“The Waltons” series was based on a book and a movie, both titled “Spencer’s Mountain,” produced by Earl Hamner, Jr., and gained a wide following during its nine seasons.

Actors such as Eric Scott, Mary Beth McDonough, Philip Leacock and others appeared in the series, and because they spent so much time together over the years, they’re all likely to have had a great friendship. We know, in truth, that there were pranks going on behind the scenes, and looking back, it seems like everyone really had a good laugh. Let’s talk about “The Waltons” and how their co-stars were still getting struck by two main characters.

What was it all about, ‘The Waltons’?

Almost everybody has heard of “The Waltons,” so we are going to do a short recap just in case there is someone who is not familiar with the series’ premise.

Its producer narrated the film, and it was a family-friendly series that families looked forward to and appreciated, according to Hallmark Drama.

The stories of the Walton family, led by John and Olivia’s parents and their children, were told in each episode: John-Boy, Jason, Mary Ellen, Elizabeth, Jim-Bob, Erin, Ben, and Joseph (who sadly died at birth).

The Waltons received two Golden Globe Awards and an Emmy Award for Best Drama Series during its run, and the actors won numerous awards as well.

While the series was fictional, it was loosely based in uncertain times on the life of Hamner, Jr. and his small town adventures.

Who were some of the main protagonists?

A cast member of “The Waltons” said, “We didn’t get rich off this show.” that the production took advantage of the actors.

Some of the main characters in the series, including those played by Michael Learned, Ralph Waite and Will Geer, will definitely be remembered by fans of The Waltons.

Olivia, John and Grandpa Zebulon (Zeb) were played by the three, and their performances never disappointed them.

Learned was credited in the show as’ Miss Michael Learned’ to prevent gender confusion, according to the Hollywood Reporter, and her appearance as Olivia led to other prominent roles, both on stage and in productions.

Waite rose to fame from his role in The Waltons, and he enjoyed acting so much that he kept going for decades.

Before passing away in 2014, the actor made appearances in several modern shows such as Grey’s Anatomy and NCIS. Geer was a famous actor who took over Edgar Bergen’s role of the Walton family patriarch and played the character until his death after the end of season 6.

Two main actors have always been busy with their co-stars

The Waltons may have been a classic family drama, but that does not mean that when the cameras weren’t rolling, the actors weren’t having fun. So, what have they done? MeTV states that, each time the opportunity presented itself, Waite and Geer mocked their co-star Knew, and they had a lot of fun doing it. Learned looks back at the events and claims that her two co-stars “insisted on showing [the cast members]their butts every chance they got.” She went on to add, “I saw more of their butts than I ever wanted to see.” Looks like behind the scenes, the actors insisted on talking to each other, and that the other co-stars have fond memories of those times.


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