The Waltons”: John-Boy Walton actor Richard Thomas said the dinner scenes were “a nightmare to film.


In the 1970s, those who grew up liked “The Waltons.”

From the 1930s through World War II in the mid-1940s, the television series followed the Walton family, demonstrating family ideals and life at that time in rural Virginia.

John-Boy Walton, the oldest of six siblings and the most flamboyant in the film, was played by Richard Thomas. Looking back, Thomas has fond memories of working and collaborating with his fellow actors on the series – but he once spoke about how difficult it was to film the dinner scenes in the series. Here’s what he was thinking.

John-Boy Walton played Richard Thomas in ‘The Waltons’

‘The Waltons’: Now where is the cast?

John-Boy Walton’s casting was very elaborate, as the character was formed after the creator of the series, Earl Hamner Jr. When Hamner saw Thomas reading the lines for John-Boy, because he saw a lot of himself in Thomas, he realized the actor was perfect for the part.

“He was fabulous, and as it turned out, he was perfect in the role,” Hamner said, according to MeTV, in an interview with the Archive of American Television. “I’ve often said that he made a better John boy than I was myself.”

Thomas liked John-part Boy’s as well. MeTV states that he said that his character had the “soul of an artist,” and a remarkable gap was generated by the discrepancies between him and his father. He also felt the need to flee his rural upbringing and experience life, Thomas added, while John-Boy adored his parents and siblings.

“He’s not just in it, he’s observing it,”He’s not just in it, he’s observing it.

Thomas noted that “a nightmare to shoot” was food scenes.

The name of the game for the Waltons was Food Scenes.

Around the dining room table, the family always gathered, giving viewers a feeling of home.

But Thomas noticed it was no easy job to film the dinner scenes.

Thomas said in an interview published by the Archive of American Television, “Dinner scenes are wonderful in theory,” “They were the heart of the show.”

Thomas noted then that the scenes “can be a nightmare to shoot,” especially because “they take a long time.” And the actors were in a “lousy mood.” by the time they were finished shooting the scene.

Thomas said, “They just wanted to get out,”

The actor said, just like a typical family dinner table, everyone chose their place at the show’s table. He said, “I made the incredibly naive mistake of sitting between Will Geer and Kami Kotler,” I have been trapped between a stunning and cute child actress and a scene-stealing machine.

And it’s a wonder that all of that survived me, that I was even remembered.

The actor said that this big mistake with dinner scenes was made by some directors

It seems like not every The Waltons director has been thinking about the dynamics at the table. In the same interview with Archive of American Television, Thomas spoke about an incident where a director came in and had the actors sit in different positions at the table than normal, and the actors had to fix it.

“There were directors who came for the first time, and they could come to a dinner scene and have everything in their head,”There were directors who were coming for the first time, and they could come to the dinner scene and have it all in their minds. “But then they all sat in different chairs.

And we still had to say, ‘That’s not what you should do,’ because that’s our location.

It’s our house here.

That’s our table in the dining room.

And this is where we’re sitting.

Although knowing how the dinner scenes were supposed to work was not easy for any producer, Thomas felt very protective of those scenes. “These were the patterns of life and home,” he said. “And we held on to them.”


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