The Void viewers are perplexed by the ITV show’s “Hosepipe Ban”tonnes “‘s of water” element.


The Void viewers are perplexed by the ITV show’s “Hosepipe Ban”tonnes “‘s of water” element.

ITV viewers have panned Ashley Banjo and Fleur East’s new game show The Void.

Contestants are required to perform hard physical challenges, however the majority of them fall into the water below. However, viewers on ITV have panned the show’s second episode, which stated that contestants risk falling into “500 tonnes of water,” leaving some viewers perplexed.

Many athletes compete in order to try their luck at winning, the majority of whom work in the sports industry.

Most, however, struggle to get past the initial stumbling block, as Fleur and Ashley watch as they battle to stay on the platform.

After the narrator indicated that 500 “tonnes” of water were consumed, several individuals rushed to social media to protest the use of water.

“500 tonnes of water??????” one person said. FIFTEEN THOUSAND?????? TONNES??????? #thevoid #thevoid #thevoid #thevoid #thevoid #thevoid #thevoid #thevoid #thevoid

Another added, “I’m not buying that pool being 120,000 gallons.”

“How many double-decker buses are there inside six football fields?” one inquired.

“If this heat continues, there will be a hosepipe ban by next week, and ITV will yank #TheVoid off the air because it contains 500 tonnes of water,” commented another.

“‘They put a lot of effort on this. The abyss. 5,000 tonnes of water are waiting for them’ – so they end up in a pool? “#thevoid,” said a third.

“#thevoid @itv,” wrote someone else. When did we first start weighing water? I wouldn’t be concerned if I fell into 5000 gallons of water. I’d be concerned if 5000 tonnes of water were dumped on my head. I believe you lack the ability to inject drama into a dull concept.”

“#thevoid Another countered, “Well, it’s not really a void, it’s more like a tank or water.”

Others claimed the show was similar to earlier episodes.

One individual wrote, “Basically just ripped off ninja warrior int they #thevoid.”

“It’s like a poor man’s version of ninja warrior,” said another. And I’m not a big fan of it. I’m going to try to stay away from the emptiness in the future. #thevoid.”

Others found the episode to be “boring” and “repetitive,” with one commenting, “I am predisposed to appreciate anything with Ashley Banjo in it.” But, man, this is a dull watch. It’s just a bunch of folks who have fallen into the sea. #TheVoid.”

“Is The Void called The Void because it’s devoid of any form of entertainment?” another wonders. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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