‘The View’: Lastly! Meghan McCain shares images of Liberty’s daughter


After being on maternity leave, Meghan McCain returned to “The View” on Jan. 4. After giving birth to her first child, Liberty Sage, McCain shared some information about how she enjoyed motherhood during her time off with husband Ben Domenech in September.

McCain finally posted some pictures of her little girl on social media after keeping images of Liberty under wraps since her birth, much to the delight of her fans.

There was an exhausting maternity leave for Meghan McCain

In December, the conservative co-host started announcing her return on Twitter. During the critical presidential election of 2020, she was off the air, and McCain jokingly noticed how eventful her time off had been.

She tweeted, “It’s almost time,” I’m so excited to get my seat back at the Hot Topics table (virtually) The View on Monday as a conservative.

When I was on maternity leave, did I miss anything?’

McCain was thankful for the uninterrupted time she had with her newborn amid all the activity during her leave.

It’s almost time… I’m so happy to be back at the Hot Topics table (virtually) @TheView on Monday as the conservative seat! When I was on maternity leave, did I miss anything!!!? Pic.twitter.com/4QGX19bOd6- Meghan McCain (@MeghanMcCain) December 30, 2020 ‘The View’: Meghan McCain gives a special shoutout on Instagram with ‘living symbol’ Whoopi Goldberg

I loved Liberty every moment and I’m so thankful for the time that ABC gave me,” McCain told People before returning to ‘The View.’ “So much has happened since the arrival of Liberty, so I’m so happy to bring my perspective back to The View.

Plus, my co-hosts are missing me!’

The star of ‘The View’ describes motherhood as “amazing”

Upon her return to the airwaves, McCain gushed about her daughter, explaining how she had learned being a mum.

“Motherhood is nuts,” she told her co-hosts during her virtual broadcast. “I was like,’ People do this after giving birth.

That’s what we’re doing, we’re giving birth like this.”

The “View” actress has previously confirmed that in 2019 she experienced a miscarriage, claiming she doesn’t take motherhood’s gift for granted.

“Our @MeghanMcCain shares photos of her three-month-old daughter Liberty Sage on @TheView for the first time! Welcome back, Meghan! https://t.co/rUOPMP3hdq pic.twitter.com/HEe2YAJSrq- The View (@TheView) January 4, 2021 “I was shocked to be with a newborn baby,” McCain said. “I don’t think motherhood was an easy experience for me, as everybody knows.

It’s like the way I learned you taking ecstasy, being with her. It is just unbelievable.

Meghan McCain supports paid parental leave advocates

McCain also talks fondly of her late father, Senator John McCain, who died in August 2018 of brain cancer. She sees her daughter’s birth as a chance to have a part of him in her life again.

“I’ve been in this bubble of love,”I was in this bubble of love. “[Liberty is] just perfect, and it feels like I have a little piece of my dad back.”

McCain relied on the support of her husband and mother-in-law after an emergency C-section and postpartum preeclampsia to care for Liberty after she gave birth.

The co-host of “View” hopes to draw more exposure to the U.S. need for paid maternity leave.

A post shared by Meghan McCain (@meghanmccain) ‘The View’ star Meghan McCain explains meeting her first adopted sister Bridget. View this post on Instagram.

For our country, this is something that is still a very dark spot,” McCain said. “We are the only developed nation that does not give paid family leave to women. As conservatives, we need to come together to give all women in this country the opportunity to have what I have just had, which is three months of bonding time and breastfeeding and healing, no matter where they come from or what social background they come from.

“McCain posted some of her own along with “The View,” which posted some adorable pictures of baby Liberty, including one on Instagram with the caption, “Someone wanted to see me?? “


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