The ‘Venom’ voice of Tom Hardy was inspired by Busta Rhymes and Method Man.


The ‘Venom’ voice of Tom Hardy was inspired by Busta Rhymes and Method Man.

Tom Hardy learnt how to master clashing personalities when he first debuted as Eddie Brock in Venom in 2018. In the film, he played Eddie and also voiced the alien symbiote, virtually playing two roles at once.

Venom is both humorous and violent as a persona, and Hardy had to come up with subtle nuances to convey this.

However, he drew inspiration for Venom’s voice from musicians and one actor, including rappers Method Man, Redman, and Busta Rhymes.

Tom Hardy’s Venom voice was inspired by Method Man, Busta Rhymes, and James Brown.

Hardy’s return to the big screen as the antihero reporter in Venom: Let There Be Carnage (aka Venom 2) has been a box office success. He’s confessed that getting back into Brock’s shoes and taking on Venom’s persona for another round was a blast.

In light of this, during a recent interview with BBC Radio, he revealed a fascinating fact about sliding into the symbiote’s voice. Ali Plumb, the host, said that when he attempts to emulate Venom, he ends up imitating Hardy’s Bane.

However, one of the persons that affected Venom’s gravelly voice, according to the actor, is Wu-Method Tang’s Man.

“I blend a little bit of Busta Rhymes, a little bit of Method and Redman, a little bit of James Brown, and a little bit of Richard Burton,” Hardy explained.

Hardy used to be a want tobe rapper on the side.

Some fans may not be aware that Tom Hardy, the actor, originally had a hip-hop career as Tommy No 1.

He began as a youngster, according to a BBC interview from 2011. He teamed up with someone who used to handle Lauryn Hill and singer Leela James as he grew older. Hardy recorded a lot of music that was never released.

However, one of his mixtapes, dubbed Falling on Your Arse in 1999, can be found on YouTube, where he spits bars with Eddie Too Tall. Perhaps Method Man had an influence on his flow as well.

During filming, Hardy recorded his Venom voice to play back.

Hardy insisted on recording the audio for Venom separately in order to accurately depict the interplay between Eddie and Venom. It’s a technique he began with the original Venom film, directed by Ruben Fleischer, and continued with Venom 2.

When Fleisher discussed Hardy’s method with Cinemovie in 2018, he applauded him for making it into a dynamic and terrifying performance.

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