The value of gold brooches and rings on Antiques Roadshow astounds viewers.


The value of gold brooches and rings on Antiques Roadshow astounds viewers.

When ANTIQUES ROADSHOW expert Kate Flitcroft revealed the value of a guest’s collection of gold miners’ brooches and a gold ring, he was taken aback.

For an episode of the BBC show that aired earlier this year, Antiques Roadshow paid a visit to Christchurch Park in Ipswich. Expert Kate Flitcroft was enthralled by a guest’s gold brooch and ring collection, but she stunned the owner when she disclosed the items could fetch up to £20,000 at auction.

“You’ve brought us a great assortment of miners’ or diggers’ jewelry, whatever you want to call it,” Kate continued.

“Seeing this variety of beautiful broaches here made my eyes light up with delight. How did you end up with these?”

The guest said, “I ended up moving to Australia.” “I wanted to see Australia, and I think the best way for me to achieve that was to get out into the wilderness.

“And what better way to spend a day in the bush than digging for gold nuggets?” says the narrator.

He explained, “So that turned into my hobby, and then I guess I wanted to do something with the specs that I was finding.”

“So I started looking into what I could do with it in terms of manufacturing jewelry, and I came across the miners’ breaches, and I was instantly enamored with the concept of the miners’ brooches.

“I love the romantic image of the miners’ jewelry,” Kate continued.

“They’d locate their nugget of gold and have it transformed into something so intricate and beautiful.”

“But also to brag about how fantastic their find was. We have a few that are more modest, like this one,” Kate explained.

“And others with more complex pendant buckets, and you’ve also given us some nuggets you found.”

The owner said, “Yeah, chunks of gold that I managed to locate out in the jungle.”

Kate said, “It’s astounding to think that something like this can be converted into an extraordinary work of art with such amazing detail.”

She remarked, “Really, the mining broaches seem to match with peaks in mining itself.”

“Anything from the mid-nineteenth century to the late-nineteenth century and around 1900.

“So you’ve got your brooches, but you’ve also got a great ring.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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