The upsetting response of Prince Charles to Princess Diana’s depression said so much about their marriage.


Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage was not exactly a fairy story.

The two said yes without really understanding each other, which laid the groundwork for the eventual collapse of the marriage. In addition, for his wife, Charles’ true feelings for Camilla Parker Bowles were no secret.

Throughout the couple’s marriage, Diana struggled with her mental health, and the reaction of Charles to her depression revealed the true face of their marriage.

After 12 dates, Prince Charles and Princess Diana got engaged.

When she was 15 years old, Charles and Diana first met; Charles had dated her older sister briefly. He was 12 years older than Diana, so he was ready to find a wife when he came back from military service and learned that Camilla was married. He got along well enough with Diana, and that encouraged him to begin a relationship with her.

Things were still a little uncomfortable for the pair, and whether they were ever in love, it was never obvious. Still, Charles was 30 and wanted to settle down, so he proposed to Diana after 12 dates. Diana revealed in her notes to Andrew Morton, revealed in her biography “Diana: Her True Story – In Her Own Words,” that when Charles proposed, she laughed because they both couldn’t understand why it was happening.

Princess Diana once admitted that after marrying Charles, she attempted to “cut my wrists with razor blades”

The response of Charles to Diana’s sobbing says all about the complexities of their relationship.

Diana’s mental health took a turn during the couple’s marriage. She struggled to conceal from the public her depression, and at the time, the royals were not exposed to their personal issues. The family had to be fine in the eyes of the public.

But the facade created so much tension for Diana that behind closed doors it was difficult for her to deal with it.

In her notes, Diana remembered that her depression became “bad” within a few months of marriage; to obtain care, she even had to leave Balmoral early. And, despite her physicians urging her to do so, she declined to take medicine. She felt that what she wanted to resolve her depression was “patience and adjustment”

Things didn’t get better for Diana, however, because he wouldn’t hear her as she yelled at Charles. Diana remembered in her notes, ‘I felt so desperate, and I cried out my tears, and he [Charles] said,’ I’m not going to listen. You always do this to me,’

The reluctance of Charles to listen to the words of Diana about her depression painted a strong image of the two not having a loving marriage.

Diana hurled herself down the stairs to get the attention of her husband.

She suffered with depression when Diana was pregnant with William and felt she had nowhere to talk to. Diana recalled “throwing herself down the stairs” during her pregnancy in order to get Charles’ attention.

The one who noticed her was Queen Elizabeth, and the queen was “absolutely horrified” by what Diana had done. Besides that, it wasn’t enough to get the attention of Charles. “Charles went for a ride, and when he came back, you know, it was just rejection, total rejection,” Diana said.


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