The UK government will maintain quarantine measures for visitors from July 19 onwards, despite the holiday mayhem in France.


The UK government will maintain quarantine measures for visitors from July 19 onwards, despite the holiday mayhem in France.

THE UK GOVERNMENT has indicated that quarantine rules for French immigrants would be reinstated. What does this signify for individuals planning a trip in the near future?

All travelers entering the UK from France will face stricter quarantine measures, according to the UK government. This means that present quarantine measures will be in effect until July 19, when self-isolation rules for amber list nation arrivals will be relaxed.

Regardless of immunization status, the quarantine regulations apply.

The decision was taken by Boris Johnson’s government in response to an increase in cases of the Beta strain in France.

South Africa was the first place where the Beta variety was discovered.

“While current Beta variant cases in France are not high enough to necessitate newcomers to undergo managed quarantine, it is vital to examine the potential detection and transmission risk in light of the present situation in England,” the government said.

“As a precautionary measure to protect the advances made in the UK’s vaccination program as the country unlocks, anybody traveling from France to England will be quarantined for ten days beginning early Monday morning, while we examine the newest data and follow the prevalence of the Beta variant.”

The government insists that if “clear and prompt action” is required to protect public health from external “risks,” it will do so.

Quarantine will be required upon arrival in England for anyone who has visited France in the preceding 10 days.

This can be done in the comfort of their own home.

On days two and eight of their quarantine period, they will be expected to schedule, pay for, and take a PCR test.

Regardless of whether or not they have been double-jabbed, all arrivals will be subjected to testing.

The new quarantine restrictions will also apply to anyone who have passed through France on their way to or from a nation on the green or amber lists.

If travelers test negative after day five, they can still use the Test to Release program to minimize their quarantine time.

However, some modes of transportation will be exempt from quarantine, according to government regulations.

Those traveling by train from Belgium are included in this category.

Passengers should verify with their respective operator before traveling.

Exemptions from the amber list for important workers, such as hauliers, will be maintained.

The Transport Secretary has encouraged Britons to exercise caution while traveling internationally.

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