The two most difficult aspects of her relocation, according to the British expat, are “isolation and lack of privacy.”


The two most difficult aspects of her move, according to the British expat, are “isolation and lack of privacy.”

Expats from the United Kingdom live all over the world for a variety of reasons.

One British woman describes her experience of moving to India for love.

Expats from the United Kingdom must quickly adapt to a new culture, learn a new language, and integrate into their new environment.

Although relocating to another country may appear to be a dream, there are numerous adjustments to be made.

Lauren left her job in England to live with her now-husband in India.

“I love it here,” she said, “but it’s not always lotuses and marigolds.”

Lauren planned to stay in India “forever,” believing that “children will still shout ‘foreigner!’ at me in 20 or even 50 years.”

Her life in India is diametrically opposed to her life in the United Kingdom.

Lauren now lives with her in-laws, as is “the customary practice in India after marriage,” according to Lauren.

She also left her job as a pharmacist and is now “officially a ‘housewife,'” according to her.

Lauren admitted that adjusting to life in India was difficult, saying, “The city I live in, Nagpur, doesn’t have many foreign faces, but I have managed to find another English lady married to an Indian.”

“I believe it is critical to be able to socialize with other expats if you move to a foreign country, as it provides a small piece of home.”

“I find the language barrier to be the most deflating and isolating factor,” she said, “especially because the people I live with struggle with English.”

“A lot of the time, when everyone else is laughing, I have no idea what’s going on.”

The British man was also taken aback by Indian culture.

“Walking into your bedroom without knocking… no walking around in your underwear without locking the door,” she explained.

“Isolation and lack of privacy” were the most difficult aspects of her relocation, she explained.

“Living with my in-laws and having two maids means I can never cook alone, eat a meal with just my husband, or even sit and watch TV alone,” she continued.

“This has been difficult for me because I enjoy my own company.”

Lauren’s lack of privacy could be due to her status as an expat, as well as the people she interacts with.

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