The Turn of the Princess: Turned Again – Schottland genießt Cameoo


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1/1 and 1/1

What a story it is.

Scotland’s cameo in The Princess Switch: Flipped Again, the Netflix Christmas romance.

You need more information.

This is The Princess Switch’s sequel. Vanessa Hudgens plays Stacy in the original film, a baker from Chicago who travels to Belgravia, a fictional European country, where she meets Margaret, Duchess of Montenaro (also played by Hudgens), who is her double, and they switch places.

The Museums of Glasgow announces plans to tackle the history of slavery and imperialism

Where’s Scotland going to come into play?

Glasgow Cathedral and Edinburgh Gateway train station, which was converted into an airport, were among the filming locations for The Princess Switch: Switched Again. The exterior of Mimi’s Bakehouse in Leith was converted into a pastry shop that looked festive.

A famous location is Glasgow Cathedral.

Indeed. Indeed. In recent years, the television series Outlander and the Netflix biopic about Robert the Bruce, King Outlaw, have been shot there. For scenes in the forthcoming superhero blockbuster The Batman, the area around Glasgow Cathedral and the Necropolis was used.

In the Glasgow Museum collection, four artefacts of slavery and empire.

Back to The Turn Princess: Flipped Again. What a history it is.

At a Christmas coronation, Stacy and Margaret switch roles again, but unbeknownst to them, a third doppelganger, the scheming party girl Lady Fiona, has hatched a plan to steal the throne.

When to Be Watching.

This Thursday, on Netflix, The Princess Switch: Switched Again premieres.


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