The true reason your hair is always oily and you have split ends, according to a hair expert.


The true reason your hair is always oily and you have split ends, according to a hair expert.

A HAIR expert has revealed the real reason why your hair is always oily and split ends – and there’s only one simple remedy to all your troubles.

There’s nothing more aggravating than discovering your hair is already oily the day after a new wash, and it turns out you could be the cause of the grease by not cleaning your hairbrush on a regular basis.

@sarahbrawleyhair, a TikTok user, revealed the simple tip she uses to keep her tresses looking and feeling fresh, which involves cleaning her hairbrushes on a regular basis to avoid grime build-up.

Hairbrushes, like hairbrushes, accumulate product, grease, and oil as they are used repeatedly, according to the hairstylist.

It’s critical to clean your hairbrushes as well as you would any other item, because a clean brush means you’re less likely to get your hair dirty as soon.

The stylist, who is known for sharing her hair secrets and lessons online, demonstrated the way she swears by to deep-clean her hairbrush collection, revealing: “This is why your hair is greasy and split ends are appearing.

“Begin by getting rid of as much [hair]as feasible. Fill the sink halfway with warm water and lather up with shampoo.” She went on to say: “On your brushes, product, grease, and oils build up, and this is transferred to your hair on a daily basis. It’s revolting.” The hair guru continued, adding disinfectant to the water: “Put your brushes in the sink and soak for 20 minutes… gosh, look at how disgusting the water is.

“Scrub the brushes with a toothbrush dipped in shampoo. It’s critical that you remove all of the dirt. There will be a lot of grease and product buildup.

“If there is any remaining buildup, I clean the bristles and use the toothbrush one more. On a towel, dry them upside down.” Her video has since been viewed over 311k times and hundreds of comments have been left, with hair lovers admitting to “never cleaning” their brushes.


“I’ve never cleaned my hair brush in my entire life. Thank you for expressing your thoughts “remarked one individual.

“No, I’ve never cleaned them,” another answered, “but I will from now on.”

“Thank you,” a third wrote, “I never understood how to clean them.”

One individual agreed with the expert and wrote: “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes People don’t realize how crucial it is to clean their hairbrushes, in my opinion.” Another informed viewer was disturbed by the idea that some people do not give their brushes enough TLC on a regular basis, and they asked: “The majority of individuals do not wash their hair… Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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