The top ten cities in the UK for nature lovers are mapped out.


The top ten cities for nature lovers in the UK have been mapped.

Staycations for nature lovers are limited when it comes to city breaks because rolling hills and woodland walks are rarely associated with them.

These are the top ten cities for Brits looking for a relaxing vacation in the countryside.

The United Kingdom has 51 cities, each with something unique to offer.

There are plenty of places for Brits to get away and enjoy a change of scenery, from the capital of the United Kingdom to the coastal city of Plymouth.

While every city has its own quirks, a new study has revealed which cities are the best for nature lovers in the country – but which cities came out on top?

The best UK cities for nature-loving Brits have been revealed in a new study by home builders McCarthy Stone.

There is plenty of choice for city-goers looking for a nature-filled getaway, with everything from urban business hubs to seaside dwellings named cities.

There are numerous natural areas to visit throughout the country, ranging from national parks to well-known beaches.

The study found that one city in the southwest deserves to be at the top of the list when it comes to outdoor offerings, ranking it from best to worst based on five main criteria.

McCarthy Stone’s findings gave each city a score based on National Trust sites, rare animal species, and stargazing spots.

The best way to beat the January blues is to book a city getaway, and these are the top ten options.

Plymouth, the best UK city for nature lovers to visit, took the top spot.

The study, which took place in southwest England, discovered that the south coast’s outdoor offerings are what make the region so appealing.

The seaside town is home to ten National Trust sites, as well as four National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Southampton, located 126 miles east along the south coast, is a prestigious city.

The beauty of the coastal landscape as well as several nearby nature spots can be found at this seaside location.

The following parks, voted the best nature spots in the city by TripAdvisor, are worth visiting while in Southampton:

The underdog of the rankings, the United Kingdom’s capital city, came in third.

Despite its notoriously congested urban setting, London has a number of well-known parks and a diverse range of city excursions.

This world-famous city is more appealing to nature lovers than ever before, with 240 outdoor activities.

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