The top 50 indicators that you’re ‘winning at life,’ including a good hair day and no gas line.


The top 50 indicators that you’re ‘winning at life,’ including a good hair day and no gas line.

A great hair day and no lines at the gas station are among the top 50 indicators that you’re ‘winning at life.’

According to a poll, researchers have discovered the top 50 indicators that you are “winning at life,” including not having to queue for gas, arriving late to the station only to discover your train is delayed, and snagging a free hotel upgrade.

Parallel parking on the first try and no one in front of you at the movies are the top indicators that things are going your way, according to a survey of 2,000 adults.

Other “punch the air” moments include having a good hair day, enjoying some sunshine on your day off, and discovering that an old piece of clothing still fits.

Furthermore, half of those polled believe they are doing well in life.

“Simple things can truly make all the difference – and really brighten our day,” said a spokeswoman for Buzz Bingo, which commissioned the study after giving away a total of £2.5 million in its £50k Big Buzz Special prize.

“These victories, no matter how large or small, may make us feel as if luck is on our side,” says the author. “However, we don’t always have to wait for things to happen; we can sometimes create our own luck.”

After all, as the adage goes, “you have to be in it to win it!”

According to the research, the average adult wins four minor victories per week, for a total of 184 in a year.

They claim that it takes them closer to five days to get through a week, and 237 days to get through a year.

This could explain why three-quarters of people say they need more of these moments in their lives and two-thirds believe they’re owed some luck.

Other triumphs include correctly inserting a USB the first time, being immediately served at the bar, and having enough milk for one more cup of tea.

Successes include getting a clean MOT, receiving an unexpected salary raise, and it starting to rain right after you’ve carried in the laundry.

It’s also when you wake up thinking it’s a weekday but it’s the weekend, or when social events you didn’t want to attend are canceled.

Eight out of ten people said these accomplishments give them a happy feeling that lasts on average an hour and 45 minutes.

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