The three essential symptoms of a fly breeding ground in your home to be aware of if you have a fly infestation.


FLIES are unhygienic, unappealing and unwelcome house guests. If you’ve noticed more flies buzzing around, you just might have a fly infestation. Here’s how to check if your house has become a fly breeding ground.

If there are constantly flies in your home that you wish would just buzz off, you might have a fly infestation on your hands. It’s just about as unpleasant as it sounds, but here are the signs of a fly infestation to look out for.


No one wants flies buzzing around their home.

Not only are the insects unappealing and brazen, they are unhygienic; especially if they’re in and around the kitchen.

Flies can spread diseases, contaminate your food and some species even bite.

Houseflies spend their time rifling through bins and feeding on faeces, meaning they are teeming with bacteria.

You definitely don’t want them anywhere near you or your dinner.

If you keep spotting intruders in your abode, you might have a fly infestation.

Spotting the odd fly in your house is inevitable, especially if you’ve had the windows open to let fresh air in. So, how can you tell if you have a fly infestation?

According to Rentokill, common signs of a fly infestation include:

If you think you have a fly infestation, you are probably going to need to call in a professional to get rid of the pests.

In the meantime, you can put up fly paper to trap some of the insects.

Insect spray can also help to clear the flies temporarily, but if they are breeding in your home you’ll probably need professional help.


Would you prefer to make your own natural solution to rid your home of fruit flies?

Try making a homemade fly trap using vinegar and washing up liquid.

Just take an old jar, and fill it halfway with apple cider vinegar.

Add around an inch of washing up liquid, so it forms a layer covering the vinegar.

Cover the top of the jar with cling film and poke small holes in it, large enough for a fruit fly to get in.

Put the jar wherever you most often get fruit flies and leave it there.

Attracted by the scent of the apple cider vinegar (made of fermented fruit – irresistible to fruit flies), the flies will enter your trap and become stuck in the washing up liquid.


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