The team of Jesy Nelson refutes allegations that her debut album is being delayed due to controversy.


The team of Jesy Nelson refutes allegations that her debut album is being delayed due to controversy.

Jesy Nelson has received a lot of backlash since releasing the music video for her debut track Boyz, after fans accused her of blackfishing.

Jesy Nelson’s team has disputed that her debut album has been delayed as a result of the negative reaction to her first song.

Following the premiere of the music video for her song Boyz earlier this month, fans accused the 30-year-old singer of blackfishing, a phrase that refers to someone who pretends to be black or mixed-race for financial advantage.

Despite recent rumours that her debut album would be delayed until 2022, a source told The Mirror that the record was never supposed to be released this year.

They explained: “It’s absurd to say that an album would be published after a single was released, and it was plainly never part of the plan.

“Jesy is still in the studio working on new music and is planning a follow-up single. Anyone who works in the music industry understands that a single release is never followed by an album.

“Jesy has been the target of vicious trolling for the past few weeks and has maintained a respectful quiet despite the vicious attacks.”

“An album was never planned for Jesy Nelson in 2021 and consequently these rumors are incorrect,” a Polydor spokeswoman said.

It comes in response to accusations made by an insider to The Sun, who said: “There was a lot of anticipation that the record would be finished in time for the holidays. Jesy spent months in the studio after leaving Little Mix at the end of the year, and she had a backlog of songs ready to go.

“However, the Boyz release took a long time to come out, and the team and Jesy don’t want to release an album after only releasing one song. The expectation today is that a complete collection will be released next year.” “Jesy was in Los Angeles last month and was still working on new music. “All she wants is for it to be the best it can be,” she says. It comes as Jesy’s sister took to Instagram to slam the singer’s detractors, calling them “bullies.”

She expressed herself as follows: “Bullies never expect to be discovered when they deliberately and covertly set out to harm someone.

“That is why they try to enlist the help of others.

“When they do, though, Brinkwire provides a summary of the news.


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