The stars of Law & Order: SVU tempt fans with a sexy behind-the-scenes kiss called “Rehearsing!”


The stars of Law & Order: SVU tempt fans with a sexy behind-the-scenes kiss called “Rehearsing!”

Fans of Law & Order: SVU are enticed by a sultry behind-the-scenes kiss dubbed “Rehearsing!”

Lead actors Christopher Meloni and Mariska Hargitay have sparked even more interest with a sensual photo from behind-the-scenes of the forthcoming season of LAW & ORDER.

For nearly a decade, Meloni and Hargitay played Elliot Stabler and Olivia Benson in the hugely popular Law & Order franchise. After recently starring together in the brand new NBC spin-off Law & Order: Organized Crime, the couple has been playing along with suspicions that their long-running characters will eventually get together.

Christopher Meloni tempted Law & Order fans with an intimate photo of himself and co-star Mariska Hargitay over the weekend.

A fan discovered a paparazzi photo of the couple apparently kissing out of character on Twitter, and the TV veteran responded with a cheeky retweet.

“Can you imagine @Chris Meloni and @Mariska uploading a photo like this pretending to kiss with the hashtag #Rehearsing one day?” they asked.

“It would be the end of the internet as well as our existence.”

Meloni was unaffected by the whispers, and after all these years, he was nearly ready to give them exactly what they wanted.

He took to Twitter to share a recent behind-the-scenes photo of himself and Hargitay looking like they were about to kiss passionately.

“What are you #rehearsing, @Mariska?” The star’s latest shot was tagged, generating a frenzy among admirers.

His new tease has reignited rumors that Stabler and Benson would develop a romantic relationship in the future seasons.

@Mariska, What exactly do you mean when you say #rehearsing?

When the snapshot appeared to confirm that a relationship could be on the cards for Season 23, fans of Law & Order flooded the comments section.

One admirer said, “Omg, please let this be real or on screen, I’ll take either!”

“You’re abusing your position of power over us!!” “I’m dying here!” joked another Twitter user.

“Hopefully you’re rehearsing for a real emergency that will send us to the hospital!” Oh! “I admire you guys!” says the narrator.


Despite the fact that Meloni and Hargitay have been married for 26 and 17 years, several viewers assumed this indicated they had started dating.

Others then requested an explanation from Mariska Hargitay about the rumors.

One fan pleaded, “@Mariska,” tagging Meloni’s co-star. It’s now your turn… We’re certain it’ll make us yell even louder!”

Olivia Benson, thankfully, cooperated and replied to the snapshot. “Brinkwire News in a Nutshell.”


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