The Star Wars franchise looks to have abandoned Rangers of the New Republic.


The Star Wars franchise looks to have abandoned Rangers of the New Republic.

Star Wars: Rangers of the New Republic was set to star Cara Dune from The Mandalorian in a spin-off series when it was announced little over a year ago, but recent statements from Lucasfilm CEO Kathleen Kennedy seem to imply that the project has been shelved totally. Gina Carano was released from her Lucasfilm contract and confirmed to no longer be involved in any projects less than two months after the project’s announcement, due to remarks she made on social media that drew significant backlash from the fandom, though there was no official clarification on what this meant for Rangers, with whatever plans were in place for the series now being embraced for other projects.

“We’d never written any screenplays or anything on it,” Kennedy revealed to Empire Magazine when asked about Rangers of the New Republic, adding, “Some of that will figure into future episodes, I’m sure, of Mandalorian.”

Given how little we’ve heard about the project, with one of the most recent updates on its status arriving in May, this isn’t surprising. “A third announced spinoff, Rangers of the New Republic, is not currently in active development,” Variety said at the time. Cara Dune’s performance in Season 2 of The Mandalorian earned her the chance to join the Rangers, allowing her to assist protect the peace in a galaxy far, far away after the Galactic Empire was destroyed. Even when the project was first revealed, Lucasfilm remained tight-lipped about who would be included in it, with Cara Dune appearing to be the most likely candidate, given sources at the time indicated the character would be getting a spinoff.

The unveiling of Rangers of the New Republic came during The Walt Disney Company’s Investor Day, which also saw the announcement of a number of other Star Wars projects, including the spinoff Star Wars: Ahsoka. Kennedy also hinted that Mandalorian, Ahsoka, and the New Republic Rangers would all lead up to a crossover event, however it was unclear whether this meant a new event series or if the characters’ stories would cross over.

Stay tuned for more information on the Star Wars franchise’s future.

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