The star of The Repair Shop was concerned about the ‘difficult’ restoration of 1936 Olympic shoes, saying, ‘I was baffled.’


The star of The Repair Shop was concerned about the ‘difficult’ restoration of 1936 Olympic shoes, saying, ‘I was baffled.’

During an episode of the BBC series, THE REPAIR SHOP specialist Dean Westmoreland admitted he was “stumped” and feared he wouldn’t be able to mend one of the guests’ prized possessions.

Cobbler Dean Westmoreland was given the challenge of restoring a pair of running shoes that previously belonged to a woman who ran in the 1936 Olympics in front of Adolf Hitler on a recent episode of The Repair Shop. Tom Wenham, a guest on the BBC show, brought his grandmother’s running shoes to be fixed. Despite the fact that the discovery left Tom dumbfounded, Dean has later stated that he was concerned he wouldn’t be able to mend them.

Dean told The Yorkshire Post in an interview before the show aired that when he was given the running shoes, he had to doubt his own ability.

He told the outlet, “I always welcome a challenge.” “I assumed they were going to crumble to dust, but they appeared to be well-made, so I figured they could be fixed.

“The ancient fiber construction had me perplexed. There were a few bumps in the road, but everyone chipped in.”

He went on to say how affected he was by Tom’s reaction to the big disclosure.

Audrey Brown, Tom’s grandmother, was the original owner of the running shoes.

She was a silver medalist in the 4x100m relay at the 1936 Olympics.

The tournament was held only three years before the commencement of World War II, at a period when Hitler’s authority was growing.

As a result, many individuals boycotted the Olympics to show their displeasure with the dictator.

“I know that she clearly felt extremely uncomfortable about certain components of participating,” Tom told Jay Blades about what his grandma told him at the time.

“It was Nazi Germany’s approach of establishing legitimacy on the international stage.”

He went on to say that Hitler saw his grandmother run as the German team was tipped to win gold, but she lost the baton by accident.

As a result, America won gold, Audrey and her teammates from Great Britain earned silver, and Canada took bronze at the end of the competition.

“So nan’s medal wasn’t awarded to her by Hitler, which I think was something she was very delighted with in retrospect,” Tom concluded.

“However, she was well aware of.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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